Josh Allen Thanks Neighbor Named “Squirrel” For Digging Out His Driveway

Ever humble, former Wyoming QB and Buffalo Bills superstar Josh Allen thanked his neighbors for digging him out of his driveway. "When you get back home, pay those fans some respect and get them something nice!" he told his teammates.

Jimmy Orr

November 21, 20223 min read

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Everyone should have a neighbor named “Squirrel.”

Former University of Wyoming quarterback and now Buffalo Bills superstar Josh Allen does.

Well, it’s “Squirrel Winters” to be precise — and Squirrel dug a path out of the 7-foot snowdrifts on Allen’s driveway so he could get to the airport to play in Sunday’s game.

Three Hours

It wasn’t just Squirrel. He was joined by two other neighbors with relatively mundane names — Marc Braun and Norm Marshall — to dig Allen out.

It took the men three hours to dig out a path. That’s because this wasn’t any snowstorm. 

Even by Buffalo, New York, standards, this was a monster. Seventy-seven inches of snow fell in Orchard Park, New York. As a result, NFL officials moved the game to Detroit.

But Josh still had to get to the airport.

‘Treat Them Well

He made it there, and the Bills won their game against Cleveland.

Josh, being Josh, didn’t forget Squirrel and all of the fans who helped the team. He thanked them in his post-game press conference, and also when speaking to his teammates.

“When you get home, pay those fans some respect, get them something nice,” Allen told his teammates after the win. 

“Treat them well,” he said. “It took a lot of work and it was awesome to see.”

Shortly after, when meeting with reporters, Allen referenced Squirrel.

“Squirrel and Marc Braun came with a big old tractor and dug me out,” Allen said. 

“I think Squirrel is about to become famous in Buffalo,” a reporter said.

“He should be,” Allen said. “Squirrel is the man.”


Squirrel was the man shortly after the press conference. He said his phone “blew up” for three hours.

“Holy cow, it got wild there on the phone for awhile,” Squirrel told WGRZ-TV. “It was enjoyable that I was able to be a part to help one of them team members be on that field today.

Marshall said the men didn’t do it just because he’s an NFL star. Allen has done a lot for Buffalo, he said.

“Josh is a very humble man and what he’s done for this community is second to none,” Marshall told WIVB in Buffalo. “Josh and the Bills have brought a lot of life to Buffalo.”

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