Cheyenne Police Rescue Baby Pig Lost In Snow And Sub-Zero Temperatures

It took two days, but the Cheyenne Police Department was able to track down a Nebraska family's lost pig near downtown Cheyenne. Despite the sub-zero temperatures and snow, the baby pig was in good shape.

Wendy Corr

November 18, 20222 min read

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A report of a pint-sized piggie on the loose in Cheyenne during a snowstorm set into motion a rescue mission to return the pet porker to its Nebraska family.

The report of a pig “running hog-wild” in the area of 19th Street and Bent Avenue came in Tuesday to the Cheyenne Police Department, Animal Control Supervisor Elizabeth Wagner told Cowboy State Daily.

Although they looked, officers couldn’t find the pig on that snowy, cold day.

Around the same time, a family from Nebraska that had been passing through Cheyenne reported their female baby pet pig was missing.

Pig Out Of The Poke

“They had pulled over for a pit stop and the pig got out,” said Wagner. “I believe their young daughter let it out.”

For the next two days, the little piggy was elusive – until Thursday, when a CPD officer was flagged down on 19th Street and told that a piglet had been spotted nearby. Because the sub-zero temperatures were hazardous to a tiny swine, Wagner said it was important to catch her quickly.

“It was definitely cold, and it was snowing at the time,” she said, adding the temperature “was actually in the negatives, and we even had winter storm warnings that night.”

Photo Courtesy Cheyenne Police Department

The Piggy Posse Responds

Wagner, Community Service Officer Tyler Littau and even Cheyenne Police Chief Mark Francisco aided in the capture, cornering the wee whinock near a house at the corner of 19th and Bent.

“She was running pretty quick,” said Wagner.

But their teamwork paid off. Piggy was transported to the animal shelter, where she was wrapped in a blanket and held for an hour to get her warmed up, and was fed plenty of pig food and veggies.

Because the piglet’s family had been looking for her the last couple days, when CPD actually caught her, they knew who it belonged to. 

“Once they called them, they had to drive back from Nebraska to get it,” said Wagner.

Just five hours after the elusive swine was captured, she was back in the arms of her family, her bacon saved by the Cheyenne Police Department.

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