Letter To The Editor: Washington PACs Need To Stay Out Of Wyoming Legislative Races

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Dear editor:

I was outraged to receive a mailer this week from a national organization trying to influence my vote for my state legislator, Andi LeBeau. Make Liberty Win is based in Alexandria, VA, and they are working nationwide on state legislative races, including five in Wyoming. 

Their mailer makes the outrageous claim that property taxes are rising “thanks to Democrats like Andi LeBeau.”  In fact Andi voted for the rental assistance program and other pandemic relief measures to help people avoid eviction.

This mailer was written by someone who knows nothing about Wyoming. Never in modern times has our legislature voted on increasing property taxes. Our property taxes are rising because of rising valuations and choices at the county level, not the state level. 

We only have nine Democrats in the whole legislature! How could they unilaterally do anything, much less raise taxes? 

I have followed Rep. Andi LeBeau in the Legislature, and she has a consistent record of standing up for the little guy – families, children, teachers, and the rights of indigenous peoples. She fights for affordable, quality healthcare for all Wyomingites. 

I can form my own opinion, thank you, based on Rep. LeBeau’s record. I don’t want someone in the Washington Beltway telling us who to vote for. 


Marjane Ambler

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