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If Grizzlies Aren’t Enough, Now We Have To Deal With Alligators

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By Jimmy Orr, Cowboy State Daily

If it’s gotten just a little too predictable and boring with all the grizzly attacks lately, then there’s good news.

People in the Rocky Mountain West get to now deal with alligators.

It’s not because an environmental group has won reintroduction of the dinosaur because they were in the area 40 million years ago or anything.

It’s because of a “pet” owner who thought alligators were needed in Idaho and then let it out for everyone to enjoy.

A dog walker spotted the alligator in the town of New Plymouth, Idaho on Friday evening.

Unfazed by the discovery, the individual picked-up the 3 1/2-foot alligator and put it in his horse trailer and then called the Idaho Fish and Game department.

“In all likelihood, this alligator got loose from someone, and we are interested in finding the owner,” Regional Conservation Officer Matt O’Connell told the Associated Press.

If the owner is not found, authorities will either euthanize the alligator for doing nothing wrong at all or it will be given to a licensed facility.

It is, of course, illegal to own an alligator in Idaho.

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