Dave Simpson: You Say You Want More Of THIS?

Columnist Dave Simpson writes: "Why WOULDN'T there be a big Republican wave on Nov. 8th? Imagine looking around and saying, 'I gotta get me more of THIS!'"

Dave Simpson

October 25, 20224 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Why WOULDN’T there be a big Republican wave on Nov. 8th?

Imagine looking around and saying, “I gotta get me more of THIS!”

The only thing more befuddling than the 27 percent of Americans who think we’re on the “Right Track,” are the races for control of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives that are close. Really? You want to keep the same Democrats in charge who have made such a mess of things?

Beam me up, Scotty! I’ve seen it all.

Don’t get me wrong. It takes two to tango when you’re running up a $31 trillion debt. I’ve got no love for free-spending Republicans, but the one thing you can say is the wildly-spending Democrats are even worse.

(Ever heard the joke about the funeral for the town scoundrel? When the preacher asked someone, anyone, to say something nice about him, someone in the back piped up, “His brother was EVEN WORSE!”)

At least Republicans promise they will be fiscally responsible (ha, ha, ha), but they never get the job done. But for Democrats, the answer to every problem is to throw more borrowed billions at the wall, even trillions. For them, to quote Robert Earl Keen, “The road goes on forever, and the party never ends.”

Again this election season, like clockwork, our friends in the Democratic Party have come up with the perennial whopper that Republicans are about to cut our Social Security. You could set your watch by it. (Here’s a clue: Republicans need senior votes to get elected, just like Democrats. Probably not going to cut your Social Security.)

Meanwhile, Rep. Liz Cheney is working feverishly to ensure that Donald Trump never again gets near the Oval Office. This at the very time his successor’s  inept, clueless, chaotic administration has many of us us looking back fondly on the Trump years. Don’t results matter anymore?

After six years of Democrats lobbing every silly claim, wild accusation and false FBI-assisted conspiracy theory at Trump, it has become second nature to dismiss their hysterics with a simple, Ronald Reagan inspired, “There they go again.”

Do we expect voters to support the loopy notion that sex education should start at age five?  Why push sex education all the way down to the first years of elementary school? Why subject little kids to teachers who weirdly want to expose them to matters of sex?

Do we expect voters to welcome our wide-open southern border, and the rampant drug smuggling there, when other nations guard their borders and protect their security? How could we put up with such reckless irresponsibility?

Will voters ignore the crime wave in our largest Democrat-run cities, where every day we see new videos of thugs, lunatics and murderers victimizing the innocent? I doubt it. How about that crazy notion of letting violent people free without posting cash bond? How long will it take these liberal prosecutors, legislators and mayors to understand that their first duty is to protect the innocent?

Do thinking voters really believe that spending more billions of borrowed federal dollars will somehow bring down inflation?

Will voters give their approval to crippling the American energy industry and draining our oil reserves, then begging Saudi Arabia to produce more oil? Remember when we were justifiably outraged that 15 of the 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia? But now we beg them for oil, as we sit atop vast energy reserves at home.

Do voters really believe the world will end in 10 years because of climate change?

Will voters think it was right for the FBI to offer $1 million to British spy Christopher Steele to verify the bogus Moscow prostitute “dossier” to bring down Donald Trump? Do we want our tax dollars spent on FBI wild goose chases?

Will we endorse Biden’s bumbling performance on the economy, that has given us $4 eggs, $4.25 butter, and roller coaster prices at the gas pump?

And how about the prospect of nuclear Armageddon? Do any of us believe our fate is in good hands with this angry, confused, blustering president and his odd, woke, inept collection of cabinet secretaries and hapless aides?

I rest my case, Your Honor.

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Dave Simpson

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