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Letter To The Editor: Legalizing Pot Leads To Bad Outcomes

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Dear editor:

I was dismayed to read the column declaring Wyoming needs to legalize cannabis!

Although reasons were given to combat pain for health reasons, the writer of the column has apparently not followed the results of places where this drug has been legalized.

Just this week in the national news, the mayor of Nw York City laughing remarked about the ‘sent smell’ of the city. To me, that is no laughing matter. Children as well have to smell it! This remark has also included Denver, our neighbor to the South, having the same smell! Is this the kind of a nation we want to have? 

If interested, the writer of said column could be given names of families who chose to move from our southern neighbor as well as other places because of what happened to the areas in which they lived and how they became after said drug was legalized. It was not a pretty picture. 

Many people suffer from pain, it is a part of life, not even fun, and we all suffer it in various ways and learn from it. I won’t go into the spiritual side of it, but one can get help without being in a stupor most of the time. It’s not always easy, but one can be helped and learn from pain, whether physical, emotional, etc. 

Respectably submitted,

Pat Wolfe

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