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Letter To The Editor: Don’t Change Marijuana Laws In Wyoming

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Dear editor:

I read the column regarding it being time to change the Cannabis laws in Wyoming.  All I can say is: Don’t do it!  

I have worked in Colorado as a law enforcement officer for over 23 years, and I was here when Colorado legalized marijuana. Prior to coming to Colorado, I was a law enforcement officer in Wyoming for over 14 years, and I am a proud Wyoming native! 

If Wyoming wants massive black market marijuana grows, increased access to marijuana for Wyoming youth, homelessness and an overall increase in violent crime, then please do legalize marijuana. All of the things I have mentioned have happened in Colorado. The city I work for never had a homeless issue until marijuana became legal. 

Marijuana is highly addictive, and very difficult to control, even with massive state oversight.  There are many other negative consequences that go along with the legalization of marijuana.  As Colorado is learning, it doesn’t stop at marijuana! There is a ballot measure to legalize some hallucinogenic drugs, to include psilocybin mushrooms!  

When I retire, I want to get out of this crazy state and come back to Wyoming!  Please keep Wyoming pure and don’t fall for the false narrative that marijuana is harmless! 

Thank you, 

Scott Smith 

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