Letter To The Editor: Please No More George Wienbarg, Feature Intelligent People Instead

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Dear editor:

I recently read the guest column by George Wienbarg. I was less than impressed.

I was first hit by how sloppy and unorganized was the writing style of George. Lots of piles of words thrown out with little organization, descriptors being misfit and detracting from the flow.

Then as I read further in I started to hear the markings of a vague generalist who forms opinions internally, absent from facts, and spews them as truth.

There is a reason this guy left Cheyenne. He should take people in context. Someone old at a car show stating they don’t read books, well that doesn’t surprise me. Maybe they can no longer see the print. Maybe they spend too much time on cars.

I do not go to car shows, and I read a whole lot of books. Maybe the fact that this old idiot from New York only saw stupid people when he came back here, should be a sign to him.

If the people he has always visited when he came here were stupid and did not read or know how to do anything, maybe he is in that same group.

Please, in the future, feature articles from intelligent individuals that are able to realize we have internet and cell phones in Wyoming. 


Jon Farris
Cheyenne Wyoming

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