Dave Simpson: Smile When You Call Me Extreme, Pardner

Columnist Dave Simpson writes: "When did wanting safe streets, fiscal restraint, smaller government, secure borders, and letting our kids remain innocent for as long as possible when exactly did those things become extreme?"

Dave Simpson

October 11, 20224 min read

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We’re the extremists, they tell us.

Even though:

– They are bent on paying off $10,000 to $20,000 in college loans from taxpayer dollars paid in large part by people who never went to college, never borrowed a penny in student loans, or if they did go to college, paid back their loans without help from the government.

For the hard-working grad who paid off his or her loans, the saying “no good deed goes unpunished” is particularly apt.

Why would we expect a plumber, or an electrician, or a hair stylist to help pay off loans – many of them incurred earning advanced degrees by people making far more money than a plumber, an electrician, or a hair stylist – with tax dollars? By golly, that sounds extreme.

– They are the party that threw open the border with Mexico, allowing in virtually millions of illegal aliens, apparently in the hope that they will someday become Democrat voters. Add to that the estimated half million “got aways” arriving this year, who are not seeking asylum or citizenship, but with nefarious intent. Wouldn’t you call that the K-Mart Manager’s Blue Light Special of illegal immigration? And kind of extreme?

Keep in mind that it only took 19 hijackers to change the history of this country on 9/11.

– They are the party in control of the White House and both houses of Congress when the home of a former president was raided by FBI agents in the early morning dark. That was a first, and it puts us firmly into the Banana Republic category. Sounds kind of extreme.

– They are the party that has thrown open the southern border (see above) allowing a massive flow of millions of deadly fentanyl pills, and other illegal drugs, that are killing Americans at unprecedented rates. New this year – candy-colored fentanyl pills, intended to attract children. Just in time for Halloween. If this flow isn’t somehow stemmed, we will soon be afraid to take pills of any kind, for fear they contain a lethal dose of God knows what. Sounds kind of extreme.

Remember when the liberals told us walls were stupid, because there were ladders? I think open borders are far more stupid. And extreme.

– Some in their party actually defend trans-gender surgery for teenagers, at a time when young people are vulnerable to all kinds of notions that may change in a day, a month, or a year. Wouldn’t a thinking person agree that allowing, even encouraging, life-changing, irreversible surgeries, or drug treatments, would qualify as extreme. Don’t you think?

– The party that considers us extreme has chosen to combat inflation by spending even more billions and trillions. Whatever happened to the definition of inflation as too many dollars chasing too few goods? Doesn’t what we learned in Economics 101 pertain anymore?

– They are the party, which runs most of our crime-ridden cities, that has limited or done away with cash bail for many violent crimes. At the beginning of next year, kidnappers and second-degree murderers in Illinois will be allowed to go free without posting cash bond. Imagine that. And lawmakers feign surprise when people freed without bail go on to commit the same crimes, and worse, over and over.

Doesn’t that sound kind of extreme? Sure does to me.

– Wouldn’t you call it rather extreme for the FBI to warn Facebook to block stories about Joe Biden’s problematic son Hunter just weeks before the 2020 election? I would. And yet, to hear the president tell it, the real threat is people who wear hats the say “Make America Great Again.” Come to think of it, bump us a little higher on the Banana Republic List.

They are the party that considers a vast portion of those who voted Republican in recent elections “fascists,” “white supremacists,” and “racists.” Wouldn’t a thinking individual call such wild name calling kind of extreme? I would.

In closing, I have just one question:

When did wanting safe streets, fiscal restraint, smaller government, secure borders, and letting our kids remain innocent for as long as possible – when exactly did those things become extreme?

Answer me that.

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Dave Simpson

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Dave has written a weekly column about a wide variety of topics for 39 years, winning top columnist awards in Wyoming, Colorado, Illinois and Nebraska.