Letter to the Editor: Quit Wasting Time Reporting On Sexually Graphic Books In High School Libraries

Dear editor: Get a grip, people. Youre supposed to be about freedom of information. Ignorance hurts.

October 07, 20222 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Hello Cowboy State Daily,

I was about to subscribe, taking your “no thumb on the scale” at face value, until the last two days when the CSD turned into the Library Police Gazette.

For starters, are books in a high school library really the top story in Wyoming this week? What is it with the lurid headlines? Did your reporter ask this alleged sex crimes investigator about people who apparently spend all their time seeking out and poring over books about sex? Don’t you think you should be more thoughtful with words like “groom,” when the constant careless use trivializes real sex crimes?

And really … “childhood innocence” when we’re talking about a high school library? Much more likely that a young adult reading one of the books in question will recognize and learn to confront an abusive or “grooming” situation that they’ve been trapped in, rather than being made more vulnerable.

Yes, you did finally get to the librarians, after the biased headlines and multiple paragraphs of loaded prose.

Get a grip, people. You’re supposed to be about freedom of information. Ignorance hurts.

Sarah Gorin

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