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Letter To The Editor: I Have A Problem With The “Reverend” Rod Miller

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Dear editor,  

Wyoming Republicants, RINOs and the most pious Reverend Rod Miller,

The Reverend Miller should remember, judge not lest ye be judged and those without sin should cast the first stone, before pointing a finger at Lauren Boebert.

Who’s the hypocrite? You and your “Christian”, Republicnats and RINOs should be held accountable for your continued disruption and division of the Republican Party and  the disrespect shown to the, Republic and majority of Republican and conservative voters in Wyoming and now Colorado, and for that matter in all fifty states!

Now, with true born again piety and Republican’t/RINO dwindling fervor, Reverend Miller’s lecturing of how Congresswoman Lauren Boebert should practice and profess Christian faith.

Seems to be an ongoing tactic, by democrats, Republicants/RINOS and the pious of any faith, to demonize anybody that questions the validity of the 2022 election, and the mandates and lockdowns resulting from the release of bio warfare and the pandemic.

Did you learn anything from Liz’s demise? Seems like the Rev, Republicant’s/RINOS will do anything to help the democrat’s NWO/socialist, self serving agenda…….not represent or serve We the People.

Liberal and conservative Republican’s and Independents nationwide need to join together, get rid of Republicant’s/RINOs, these pious pundits of deception,  and unite as the party, representing We the People

Let these purveyors of opinion continue to proclaim their righteousness, but don’t let their hate and lies continue to add to confusion and doubts perpetrated by lies from the real hypocrites spouting their own opinions.

United we stand. Don’t be a Republicant/RINO! If you are going to declare a Party, unite and stand, be a RebliCAN!!

We all know about “opinions” and THE REVEREND Miller’s definitely fits the adage.

Here’s to truth, justice and the American way,

God Bless America

Dr Karl Kunstadter
Wyomingite and full-time RV’er, now parked in Socorro, New Mexico

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