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Letter to the Editor: Threatening To Weaponize State Bar To Silence Hageman Is Evil

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Dear editor:

Pity the poor offended Wyoming lawyers who took offense that Harriet Hageman articulated the belief of millions of American voters that our last election was not conducted fairly. 

Even Axios-Momentive, not organizations associated with supporting conservatives, had polls revealing almost 40% of Americans think the last election was flawed.

Citing 62 judicial outcomes that denied the claims of disaffected voters, these attorneys equate the benches’ opinions with reality.  Those of us who are not attorneys marvel at the legal hair-splitting, but are not impressed by missing the whole hairdo in the end.  

Slapping down citizens (and attorneys) who question the last election’s integrity is just another way of belittling those people as unsophisticated rubes.  This is just rude. 

Threatening to weaponize the State Bar in an attempt to silence a colleague is more than rude, and appears to be a cousin to those people who tried to suspend medical licenses for doctors who questioned Covid strategies.  Some would say it’s evil.

John Mansell, MD

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