Letter to the Editor: The Military Has Protected Our Country, Not A Bunch Of Self-Serving Lawyers

Reader Steven Kahne, "Your self-serving statement that lawyers have done more than any other profession makes me nauseous."

October 04, 202217 min read

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Dear Editor

While the letter below to the 41 lawyers who wrote a threatening letter to Harriet is a bit long, I thought it important that I provide to Cowboy State Daily with the hope that it will be published.

Also, I have a  preface to the letter.  I sent this letter to 39 of the 41 lawyers who approved it.  Two of the lawyers were out-of-staters and it seem absurd that they would sign a letter that threatened action by the Wyoming Bar.

In my email (with my letter attached) to the 39 lawyers, stated the following:  “In looking at your letter again, I noticed a sentence in your first paragraph that says, “We are grateful to be part of a profession, that since the founding of our nation, has done more than any other to shape, nurture, and improve our constitutional democracy.”  There are two inaccuracies in this statement:

1. We have a constitutional republic, not democracy.

2. Your self-serving statement that lawyers have done more than any other profession makes me nauseous.  Talk to those who have served in the military to protect our constitutional republic, to include making us a free nation.  Talk to those who have served and lost limbs and have many other maladies that they received in battle.  Talk to the families of those who have given their lives for this nation in war.  Then you should reevaluate your arrogant statement about having done more than any other profession.  You should be ashamed.  You will better understand my ire on this issue when you have read my letter.

Following is the full text of my letter:

Dear Lawyers:

Let me start by setting the tone.  Your letter to Harriet Hageman regarding her 1st Amendment, free-speech comments regarding the 2020 Presidential Election are absurd and childish.  You must think that you are the purveyors of all wisdom regarding the law and the TRUE events that allowed Biden to gain entry to the White House.

I will go through numerous points that you made in your letter to Harriet clearly showing your total duplicity.  Just because you quote numerous news articles, certifications, and the Wyoming Bar oath, does not mean that you are correct or that those sources of news and certifications are based on truth.  And if you were truly in touch with what is happening in the USA, you would realize that over 71 million people disagree with you.  But we will get to the issue of majority versus truth later.

Clearly, you have ignored the vast amounts of video proof showing the fraud that occurred.  I am sure that you immediately discount the evidence presented in “2000 Mules,” an astoundingly accurate portrayal of election fraud that occurred in the swing states.  And then there is the issue of many lawsuits being tossed out.

a.     The “mules” were tracked by the GPS locators on their vehicles dropping off thousands of ballots at numerous illegal “drop-boxes” all night long.  One person dropping of multiple ballots in numerous locations is fraudulent.

b.     States extending the voting dates beyond the polls closing is again fraudulent.

c.     And you would most likely say that a State could set these rules if they want.  If what they have done is legal, then anything can happen.  Why is it wrong?  Because there were no postmarks on the illegal ballots that were placed into the illegal drop boxes.  There is no chain of custody to determine if the ballots are legal or not.

d.     And if that is not enough, do not forget the video evidence of the woman in Georgia pulling out a suitcase after everyone was told to leave the vote counting center due to possible “health reasons.”  She pulled out a HUGE stack of ballots and ran all of them through her voting machine three times.  Is that legal?  Is that certifiable?  NO on both counts.  Did you write to the Georgia Secretary of State about this?  After all, those actions impacted the Wyoming vote, too.

e.     After the election, a few of the swing states’ legislators held panels to review some claims.  In Wisconsin, one of the ultra-liberal legislators on the panel said, “Why do we have to sit here and listen to all of these lies?”  Hmmm…the witnesses, who were under oath, were presenting factual evidence of highly improper and even illegal actions.  I wonder what that legislator had to hide?

f.      Who tossed out the lawsuits?  Liberal judges.  And even the Supreme Court would not hear the cases filed by several States by saying that those States had no standing.  Then who in the hell has standing in a Presidential election if it is not a State?

g.     And what about the poll watchers that were forced to stand outside and look through window well over 30 feet away from the closest ballot handler?  And then the crooked officials covered up the windows so the poll watchers could not see anything at all!

With all of these issues and MANY more, you have the audacity to think we are stupid, and to even say that the election was not rigged!  What on earth would it take for you to admit that the election was rigged.  And to make it even more serious, after the election, Pelosi and Schumer wanted to shove through legislation without any debate that would have codified the kind of lawlessness that occurred in the 2020 Presidential election.

You refer to the votes being certified in Congress as evidence that everything was done correctly.  Can’t you even begin to admit that with the numerous and factual allegations that were being set forth that maybe the country needed to slow down a bit and thoroughly investigate the claims?  I really don’t care what the reviewers said about the claims having no foundation because they were 100 percent biased in favor of Biden.  I would recommend you check it out yourselves, but from your letter to Harriet, you are clearly not going to back off your positions out of concern that you would have to say, “We were wrong.” 

 Bill Barr is a totally worthless RINO.  He never dug into the issues.  He very quickly announced that everything was okay, and there was no fraud.  Just because he was Attorney General doesn’t mean he was right.  Why aren’t you writing long letters to the current and prior FBI Directors along with the current Attorney General to tell them that they are violating their oaths of office?  The FBI is acting like a Gestapo with the Attorney General as their little Heinrich Himmler.

 You speak of “clear proof that the election was not ‘rigged,’” but you never point to the CLEAR PROOF that it was rigged.  And some of this proof came from the aforementioned documentary with CLEAR video evidence, “2000 Mules.”  But you don’t want to mention that as it destroys your sick narrative.

You say it is fiction that the election was stolen, and that “this fiction has been lent credence by too many lawyers, in at least potential violation of their ethical duties,” BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.  What is “too many”?  If there was one more or a hundred more, would it make a difference to you?  And why is it a violation for them to have one view…which you claim is wrong… when it is opposite the view that you hold…which they claim is wrong?  Isn’t that what a full and fair investigation is used for so that the facts can be presented in a courtroom?  Apparently not according to your overworked epistle.  Because they disagree with you, you say they violate ethical standards.  And of all the terrible things they did, they exercised their legal view and their 1st Amendment right of free speech, but you call it an ethical violation.  I know you mentioned the 1st Amendment in your letter, but have you ever read it AND understood it?  Your letter to Harriet does not show that.

 It is not the people like Harriet who speak out about the rigged election that is tearing this country apart.  This country is being torn apart by Biden and his cronies who call Trump supporters fascists and angrily shout that they must be stopped!  The so-called President of the United States is attempting to incite violence against those who do not support him by short-sighted people like you who do support him.  This is what Hitler and Goebbels did in the 1930s toward the Jews and anyone who disagreed with the Nazi party.  And it is what you are doing by threatening Harriet with disbarment.  Why?  Because you can’t stand the truth!  You don’t even recognize the truth!

You wrote about the appellate court’s ruling on Mr. Giuliani’s case being a concern that people are losing confidence in the government and generally damaging the proper functioning of a free society.  NEWS FLASH: 71 million people in the USA lost confidence in the government long before Harriet announced she was running for the US House of Representatives.  And regarding a free society, YOU are trying to destroy out liberties when you tell Harriet that she should not talk about the election being rigged.  But I guess it is okay with you for people like Senator Tester of Montana to lie that President Trump’s physician was a womanizer.  Or anonymous sources saying that Representative Matt Gaetz was guilty of child endangerment like a pedophile.  Where are your letters against those lies?  The list of actual lies is so long that it would take several pages.  But let Harriet use her 1st Amendment right and you come out with guns blazing quoting asinine sources.

 Consider the result of John Durham’s trial of Michael Sussman who lied to the FBI.  Durham had airtight evidence.  Yet the jury acquitted him.  Just because this occurred in a court room with a judge (who also showed hideous liberal bias) and a jury, you say that is fair?  No it is not!  The Rule of Law was not being followed when the rules of evidence showed otherwise.  And the same is true if someone is wrongfully convicted in a court of law. 

And when you say, “Rule of law” to Harriet, whose “Rule” are you talking about?  Whose “law” do you refer to?  Your “Rule”?  Your “law”?  The Constitution is the Law of the Land and it allows for free speech and it trumps (I love that word) your silly lawyer’s oath for the Wyoming Bar.

Then you speak of Harriet’s statements about a truly rigged elections “destabilizing our democratic institutions.”  First of all, we have REPUBLIC institutions.  We do not live in a democracy, but in a republic for which our American flag stands.  Second, do you really want to talk about the Rule of law and destabilizing our institutions?  This MUST mean that you are writing to Biden to tell him about the horrendous destabilization of national security he is creating by:

a.     FACTS – Allowing our borders to be wide open to every illegal immigrant flowing in, which include drug cartel criminals, Chinese fentanyl that is killing 300 people a day, human trafficking as we have never seen, communicable diseases, children with no parent, and so much more.

b.     FACT – Increased gas prices and begging nasty world leaders for oil when we have more than we need right here in the USA.

c.     FACT – Draining our oil reserves to the lowest point in 40 years when these reserves are to be kept for a national emergency…like war.

d.     FACT – Ever-increasing inflation that is much higher than the lying Feds say it is.

e.     FACT – Turning the military into a woke organization that cannot meet its recruiting goals since most young people refuse to join an organization that is more focused on pronouns and calling white people racists than they are on national security.

f.      FACT – Not providing support for police until an election comes along.

g.     FACT – Aiding the criminals and not the victims such as Kamala Harris supporting bail for murderers and arsonists and looters.

h.     FACT – Stopping the oil leasing as REQUIRED BY LAW is another huge issues that would help this country, not weaken it.

i.      This list could go on and on and on.

Then you question Harriet’s moral character at the bottom of page 4 of your letter.  You intimate, in a very passive aggressive manner, that just because she is stating that the Presidential election of 2020 was rigged that her moral character is in question.  This is right on the razor’s edge of defamatory statement.  Fortunately, the vast majority of Wyomingites know that Harriet’s character is above reproach.  She is not like Lizzy Cheney who is angry at Trump for calling her out for all of her China connections and investments.  China is our number one enemy who has committed an act of biological warfare for which they have not paid the price…and they should.  And regarding Harriet’s moral character and as a brilliant Constitutional lawyer she even supports YOUR 1st Amendment right to say disgusting things about her.

 You have not proven a single item that shows that Harriet has violated her oath.  Your statements are based in emotions not facts just because you disagree with her.  You are saying that just because someone in a Federal agency or other lawyers fail to discharge their duties honestly and faithfully, we are supposed to sit in our kennels and just nod our heads that they are right.  I will not!  You are not one who is stepping out to support this country with honesty, faithfulness, and integrity as Harriet is doing.  It is very easy for you to sit in your little offices and not hold yourselves out to criticism, verbal abuse, and defamation of irresponsible statements that fill your letter.

 Are you threatening Harriet?  If you are, then you are threatening every one of her supporters and all Wyomingites who voted for her and every lawyer in the USA who agrees with her.  I served in the US Air Force through the Cold War and continued serving for 11 years after the USSR shut down.  I know how Communist and Nazi tactics are deployed.  Your letter is very much like the Communists and Nazis who pose threats to try to scare people into submission to their petty and evil edicts.  You should be ashamed.  Maybe you should move to Southern California where your tactics will be applauded and embraced wholeheartedly.

On one hand you say that you support Harriet’s 1st Amendment right.  Then you turn around with a snarky threat with extreme passive aggressiveness and threaten her with disbarment.  This shows how small you are.  You cannot argue a point on its merits.  But you put out threats showing what small people you are.  Harriet is speaking for the benefit of the public, which does not happen to be YOUR public.

Bringing up Wyoming State Bar v. Hinckley is beyond laughable.  Not only is this an unveiled threat, but it is so bizarre.  What has Harriet said or done that is interferes with the legal process?  OH!  She has disagreed with you!  She has not done anything prejudicial.  If so many courts have refused to hear these cases about a stolen election by Biden and his boys and girls (sorry, I don’t know the pronouns to use), then how are her statements prejudicial.  You are totally absurd.  Regarding this, you said that her statements “would seem to us” (page 6 of your letter) interfere with the legal process.  What legal process?  Nothing is happening in the courts to correct this legal process in Wyoming!  She is not making an “outright rejection” (as you say) of the legal process.  Instead, Harriet wants to see the legal process operate fairly and openly…as do 71 million people in the USA.

 As I have stated before, Biden is constantly breaking the Rule of law, of which you do not seem to be the least bit concerned.  Have you thought about the Fremont County Clerk?  She stated that she was going to improve election integrity.  When she said that she received death threats.  What have you done to support her?  Nothing!  You only know how to threaten and tear down, but not support or build up.

You also said that you do not think that Harriet’s statements uphold “respect for our legal system.”  I have another NEWS FLASH for you.  71 million voters in this country do not have respect for our legal system.  This is because we are smart enough to see that our legal system is begin taken over by liberal hacks like you.  Stop acting like we are a bunch of ignorant rubes.  We see what you are doing and we will not accept it…EVER!

I was present at a July 2022 question and answer session that Harriet held in my town of Pinedale.  During the session, someone asked about holding a Convention of the States to “fix the Constitution.”  Harriet’s reply was spot on.  She said, “The Constitution does not need to be fixed.  The Constitution needs to be enforced.”  You are attempting to damage the Constitution by limiting Harriet’s 1st Amendment right of free speech.  And if you harm Harriet’s 1st Amendment right of free speech, then we are not far behind.  So, bring your Communistic and Gestapo-esque approach to a halt.  Maybe you will put me on a list to be silenced, too?

 Truth is not determined by a majority vote, especially when a fraudulent majority is running the narrative, and as such has supported the 2020 Presidential election.  All of your footnote references of “truth” in your letter to Harriet don’t mean a damn thing about truth, but only attempt to continue ignoring the truth to spread lies.  Your footnotes do not address:

a.     Current investigations in swing states uncovering fraud.

b.     Video evidence of people stuffing illegal ballots in illegal drop boxes late at night after polls closed.

c.     Illegal laws extending election DAY out to DAYS.

d.     The truth brought out in the documentary video of “2000 Mules.”

I truly wish you had the integrity to withdraw you letter to Harriet, but I know that will never happen.  You should be considered for disbarment for calling for Harriet, who has supported this country and State against Federal overreach her entire legal career, much more than any of you can ever hope to do.  You cannot hold a candle to her intelligence nor her integrity…and maybe that is the real issue behind your letter.

 I served our country in uniform for 26 years to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.  We certainly knew how to stand against foreign enemies, but we were never trained on how to protect our nation against domestic enemies.  We have many now working in Washington, D.C. who are destroying this country.  Our primary way to defend against them is at the ballot box…the LEGAL ballot box.  And that is why Harriet beat the tar out of Liz Cheney in the primary, and that is why she will win in November, unless someone cheats.  We are watching closely.

 My letter is not as long as yours, but it does contain more FACTS. 

Most pointedly,

Steven D. Kahne
Colonel, USAF, Retired
Pinedale, Wyoming

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