Dave Simpson: Bottom Line, Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Columnist Dave Simpson writes: "When Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was asked about President Biden's screwy decision to wipe out $10,000 to $20,000 of most student loans on our dime - she said it wasn't enough. Not nearly enough! What do you say to an entitled brat like that?"

Dave Simpson

September 20, 20224 min read

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For people who are so much smarter than we are – just ask them, they’ll tell them how much smarter they are –  they sure do some curious things.

Ronald Reagan said of liberals, “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant, it’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”

Pundit Dan Bongino is less charitable, saying that Republicans think Democrats are “people with bad ideas,” while Democrats think Republicans are “bad people with ideas.”

(Bongino also says there are many Republicans in Congress who are really Democrats, but no Democrats who are really Republicans. That’s true, and the reason you hear the term “RINO” so often. How else could a state dominated by Republicans – Wyoming –  fail to pass a law prohibiting guys from competing in girls’ sports?)

Take a look around. These smart liberal people are making some bone-headed decisions.

When it comes to spending money (trillions of it borrowed) the closest comparison I can think of is making cookies with my grand daughter. We had the flour, sugar and an egg in the bowl, and the mixer mistakenly got turned on to high. Flour, sugar and egg glop got spewed all over the kitchen before we got the beast disarmed.

That’s how Democrats spend money. Billions get wasted on countless screwball, knuckle-headed, moon-calf schemes, spewing borrowed dollars everywhere. They throw billions at every problem. How else do you get to $30 trillion in debt?

With Republicans, it’s like the mixer only got turned on to three-quarters speed, but it’s still a horrible mess.

We should laugh in the face of any Washington politician who dares say something is “paid for.”

Some liberals have a new name for their profligacy – “modern economic theory,” which as near as I can tell is not worrying about how much you spend. Just print more money.

Party on, carefree Democrats and RINO Republicans. Don’t worry. Be happy!

It’s all about YOU!

When Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was asked about President Biden’s screwy decision to wipe out $10,000 to $20,000 of most student loans – on our dime – she said it wasn’t enough. Not nearly enough! What do you say to an entitled brat like that?

These liberal great thinkers also came up with the notion of getting rid of cash bail for many violent crimes, because, well, being in jail is a downer.

So some nut in New York tries to cut the throat of a congressman, and gets released without posting bond mere hours later. Another nut in New York cold cocks a guy from behind, fracturing his skull, and that nut is set free hours later, too. Only when the stupidity of letting these menaces go free makes the news do scrambling officials find ways to get them back behind bars.

In Los Angeles you can steal up to $950 from a store and not face a realistic prospect of meaningful punishment. So criminals go from store to store.

What liberal geniuses came up with these policies? And why would anyone open a store if thieves can steal $949 in products time after time? They even break into railroad containers out there. It’s like Butch Cassidy without the Pinkertons..

Progressives are determined to keep people out of jail, when the majority of us just want government to do it’s most basic job, protecting us from violent perpetrators.

Face it. Some people are too dangerous to be on our streets.

And how about our southern border? These brilliant Democrats are letting literally millions come across, when it only took 19 terrorists to change our country forever on 9/11. And the fentanyl that’s streaming across our border is killing us by the thousands – some in candy colors, to kill kids.

Imagine such evil.

I did some traveling in college on a wonderful program UW participated in called World Campus Afloat. There wasn’t a single country, including ours, that didn’t take it’s borders extremely seriously.

But, not here. Not today.

If these people are really smarter than we are, you sure can’t tell it from their policies.

I’m reminded of a saying I once heard from a guy from Tennessee:

They could screw up a steel ball with a rubber hammer.

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