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Letter To The Editor: Chuck Gray Won, So Get Over It

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Dear Editor:

I am very frustrated with the Wyoming Republican Party – specifically those who think they know better than the WY voters. 

Chuck Gray won the election for WY Secretary of State and should be supported by the Republican Party as the people have spoken (voted). 

Now I read that people are resigning, which is definitely their right and legislation is being drafted to take away powers from the office, all because they don’t like the results of the election. 

How is this any different from people trying to manipulate the election on the front end?  Grow up and accept that WY voters are intelligent enough to know who they want in office and get behind the decision.  

If you don’t you are no different from those you rail against and in someways worse because your talking from both sides of your mouth and that takes away all of your credibility. 

This is what is wrong with our country in a nutshell.  Instead of working to make it better by being united, we spend the entire term trying to destroy those who were elected…all because it wasn’t your choice.  

I wanted to say, for the record, that my email is not self serving as I did not vote for Chuck Gray. 


Lela Ladd, Cheyenne

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