Daily Wyoming Gas Map: Sunday, August 28, 2022

The highest reported gasoline price in Wyoming on Sunday was in Moose at $4.98 per gallon. The lowest price in Wyoming was in Gillette at $3.13 per gallon.

August 29, 20222 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

By Tim Mandese, Cowboy State Daily 

Wyoming’s average price per gallon of $3.97, is down 4 cents from our last report of $4.01 on Friday.      

The website GasBuddy.com, which tracks national gas prices, reported Wyoming’s average gas price is down 6 cent from a week ago, and is up, 39 cents per gallon from one year ago.         

Wyoming’s average price for gasoline remained above the national average of $3.85.      

High and Low Prices:         

The highest reported gasoline price in Wyoming on Sunday was in Moose at the 

12170 Dornan Rd, at $4.98 per gallon. The lowest price in Wyoming was in 

Gillette at several stations, reporting $3.13 per gallon.        

The highest county average is in Teton County, with an average of $4.79 per gallon. 

The county with the lowest average, is Campbell County, with $3.28 per gallon. 

These are the highest and lowest reported prices among those stationed surveyed.         

*The average price, reported by AAA, in each Wyoming county:  

Albany $3.63; Big Horn $4.36; Campbell $3.28; Carbon $4.15; Converse $3.89; Crook $3.86; 

Fremont $4.16; Goshen $3.98; Hot Springs $4.02; Johnson $4.02; Laramie $3.71; Lincoln $4.55; 

Natrona $3.37; Niobrara $3.82; Park $4.47; Platte $4.51; Sheridan $3.95; Sublette $4.05; 

Sweetwater $3.96; Teton $4.79; Uinta $4.30; Washakie $4.34; Weston: $3.97

*The lowest Price, reported by GasBuddy, in selected Wyoming cities: 

Basin $4.45; Buffalo $4.07; Casper $3.23; Cheyenne $3.55; Cody $4.20; Douglas $3.88; Evanston $4.24; Gillette $3.13; Jackson $4.58; Kemmerer $4.24; Laramie $3.29; Lusk $3.79; Newcastle $3.89; 

Pinedale $3.99; Rawlins $3.93; Riverton $3.88; Rock Springs $3.69; Sheridan $3.75; Sundance $3.99; Thermopolis $3.97; Wheatland $4.24; Worland $4.26

Tim’s Observations:

For months, the state’s highest priced pump has been the Conoco station in Moose, with an average consistently above $5.00 per gallon. Today this station posted $4.79 per gallon, making it the last station in Wyoming to drop below the $5.00 per gallon mark.

*Note: We use AAA.com for the county and state averages and GasBuddy.com for the low prices in our 

selected cities. Prices in this report are for reference only. They are gathered just prior to posting, 

and may not reflect prices that have changed since last posted. 

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