Rivalry Continues: Hageman, Cheney Argue Over Concession Phone Call

After Harriet Hageman said Liz Cheney did not concede to her, Cheney produced audio of the voicemail. Then Hageman released her own audio.

Jimmy Orr

August 19, 20222 min read

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Is it a case of bad cell service in Wyoming? That’s certainly plausible.

Differing accounts of post-election pleasantries have kept the Liz Cheney – Harriet Hageman rivalry going.

Hageman told FOX News on election night that Cheney did reach out to her after the congressional race was called but said “hello” and that’s it.

“I haven’t had any other contact with Liz Cheney. She made the one effort and all she said was ‘Hello, Harriet.’ And then that was the end of it,” Hageman said told FOX News.

That led to criticism that Cheney was a poor loser.

But as they said back in the TV newsrooms of yesterday, let’s go to the tape.

Wisely, the experienced Cheney campaign recorded the concession remarks, and it clearly demonstrates that the exiting congresswoman fully conceded.

“Hi Harriet, it’s Liz Cheney calling. It’s about 8:13 on Tuesday, the 16th. I’m calling to concede the election and to congratulate you on the win. Thanks. Bye-bye,” Cheney said.

Not to be outdone, however, the Hageman team released audio of their own which backs up Hageman’s charge.

“Hi Harriet,” Cheney says, followed by muffled silence.

It appears to be one those cases where both sides could be right as bad cell service in Wyoming is well-known fact of life.

Does it mean the rivalry is over?

Don’t bet the house on it.

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