Letter To The Editor: Chuck Gray’s Record In The Legislature Has Been Abysmal

Dear editor: Despite Chuck's tenure as a legislator, his peers in the Wyoming House have never trusted him enough to give him a committee chairmanship.

August 14, 20222 min read

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Dear editor:

The most critical political races in Wyoming this year is that of Secretary of State. Not only does the Secretary of State oversee Wyoming’s election security but is also Wyoming’s de facto lieutenant governor – a heartbeat away from the Governor’s office. Wyoming deserves someone who will take election integrity seriously and someone who has the education, demeanor, and proven ability to get things done.                                                                     

The answer is clear – Wyoming needs Tara Nethercott to be our next Secretary of State. 

Her opponent, Chuck Gray, was educated far away from Wyoming’s borders and ideals – in California and Pennsylvania. His service in House District 57 has been abysmal – managing to get only three bills signed into law in six years.

Most telling, however, is the fact that despite his tenure as a legislator, his peers in the Wyoming House have never trusted him enough to give him a committee chairmanship. If his own colleagues, who work with him most closely, don’t trust him to lead a committee, why should we trust him to lead a constitutional office of our state?

By contrast, Tara was raised and educated in Fremont County, graduated from the University of Wyoming College of Law and has a successful law practice in Cheyenne. She has served the residents of Senate District 4 since 2017 and was elected by her Senate colleagues to Chair the Senate Judiciary Committee. Her commitment to hard work, listening to constituents, and striving to make Wyoming a better place has earned her accolades such as legislator of the year from the Wyoming County Commissioners Association (2021), which I am a member of, and the Wyoming Business Alliance (2022). 

In addition, Tara was a co-sponsor on 2021 legislation regarding voter ID, ensuring that identity be proven before a voter can register to vote or cast a ballot.

Tara’s proven track record has led to endorsements from major Wyoming industry groups like the Petroleum Association of Wyoming, Wyoming Mining Association, Wyoming Stock Growers Association, The Wyoming Business Alliance, and the Wyoming Hospitality and Travel Coalition because they know Tara will support our businesses, oilfield workers, miners, farmers, ranchers, and tourism employees.

For these reasons and many more, Tara Nethercott has my vote for Secretary of State on August 16th, and I encourage you to vote for her as well.


Rob Hendry, Natrona County rancher and dirt contractor

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