Dave Simpson: I’d Crawl Over Broken Glass To Vote

Columnist Dave Simpson writes: "We're witnessing all-out efforts on multiple fronts to keep the guy 70 million of us voted for from ever being president again, despite the many good things that happened when he was president."

Dave Simpson

August 14, 20224 min read

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This is our last chance to hit some hot political topics before Tuesday’s primary election.

Let’s roll:

– The spotlight is on the Liz Cheney-Harriett Hageman race for the state’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Former President Donald Trump has enthusiastically endorsed Hageman, and makes no secret of his intense disdain for Cheney, who voted to impeach him and leads the charge on the January 6 Committee. As my columnist colleague Bill Sniffin has written, all eyes are on that race.

Let’s not forget, however, that Trump has also endorsed three other candidates for state-wide office in Wyoming – Chuck Gray for Secretary of State, Curt Meier for State Treasurer, and Brian Schroeder for Superintendent of Pubic Instruction – all strong choices.(Former Education Secretary William Bennett has also endorsed Schroeder.)

I can’t remember seeing a former president make endorsements so far down a state ballot. But these are unusual times. Thirty FBI agents searched the former president’s home in Florida last week, bringing to mind a Banana Republic. And we’re witnessing all-out efforts on multiple fronts to keep the guy 70 million of us voted for from ever being president again, despite the many good things that happened when he was president.

You’re either a Hatfield or a McCoy these days. I know which side I’m on. And for many of us, it’s no time for Hatfield Lites, or McCoys in Name Only.

For most of my life, the Republicans have simply gone along with about three quarters of whatever the Democrats wanted, to the point where we’re now $32 trillion in debt. Trump shares some of the blame for that. But I never thought he could make us energy independent, cut regulations, spark the economy, and even make progress on Mideast peace. So I figure if anyone can curb this debt addiction, and undo the damage hapless President Biden is doing , it’s far more likely to be Trump, or someone he endorses, than any Democrat you can name.

So I’m listening to Trump, and will vote for these four Wyoming candidates he recommends.

– Until they raided Trump’s home last week, truth be told, my preferred candidate in 2024 was Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. He has all the policy strengths we saw during Trump’s years, but he picks his fights more judiciously. With DeSantis, Republicans might not have to say, as we often did with Trump, “Gee, I wish he hadn’t said that,” or “he sure could have worded that better.”

Now, however, the fat’s in the fire, and I think it has occurred to many of us that Trump is just the guy to confront the escalating mess in Washington – particularly at the FBI, where higher ups apparently view 70 million of us as smelly Walmart shoppers.

Given the woeful performance of hapless Joe Biden, one has to wonder how Trump could possibly do worse.

DeSantis is a young man who can run in 2028. And since Democrats are so hysterically dead set against Trump, he’s precisely what we should give them. He could do plenty to clean things up in preparation for a patient DeSantis come 2028.

– I was taken aback the other day to read that Liz Cheney told an interviewer she probably couldn’t support DeSantis for president in 2024 either. So the Republican I voted for three times can’t support either of the guys who are my favorites in 2024.

Who DOES Cheney support for president? She doesn’t rule out herself. And in this mid-term election she asks Democrats to change their party affiliation to vote for her, so she can go on to somehow save the soul of the Republican Party.

With the help of Democrats?

Sounds pretty Rube Goldberg to me.

– Rep. Cheney sent me an application to vote absentee last week – something I have never done in all my years of voting. But despite my advancing age and declining abilities, I will find a way to hobble on over to my polling place at Archer on Tuesday, stand in line as long as I have to, and cast my votes for Hageman, Gray, Schroeder and Meier.

Wild horses couldn’t keep me away from the polls on Tuesday.

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