Wyoming Daily Gas Map: Thursday, August 11, 2022

The highest reported gasoline price in Wyoming on Wednesday was in Moose at $5.79 per gallon. The lowest price in Wyoming was in Casper at $3.28 per gallon.

August 11, 20223 min read

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By Tim Mandese, Cowboy State Daily 

Wyoming’s average price per gallon $4.11, is down 1 cents from our last report of $4.12 on Tuesday  

The website GasBuddy.com, which tracks national gas prices, reported Wyoming’s average gas price is down 17 cents from a week ago, and is up, 57 cents per gallon from one year ago.    

Wyoming’s average price for gasoline remained above the national average of $3.98  

High and Low Prices:    

The highest reported gasoline price in Wyoming on Wednesday was in Moose at the Phillips 66, 12170 Doran Rd, at $5.79 per gallon. The lowest price in Wyoming Casper, with multiple locations reporting $3.28 per gallon.   

The highest county average is in Teton County, with an average of $4.89 per gallon. The county with the lowest average, is Natrona County, with $3.36 These are the highest and lowest reported prices among those stationed surveyed.    

*The average price per gallon of regular in each Wyoming county:  

Albany $4.02; Big Horn $4.51; Campbell $3.64; Carbon $4.27; Converse $3.92; Crook $4.12; Fremont $4.37; Goshen $4.34; Hot Springs $4.09; Johnson $4.51; Laramie $4.04; Lincoln $4.82; Natrona $3.36; Niobrara $4.12; Park $4.63; Platte $4.12; Sheridan $4.35; Sublette $4.12; Sweetwater $4.12; Teton $4.89; Uinta $4.45; Washakie $4.62; Weston: $4.19    

*The lowest price per gallon, reported in major Wyoming cities: 

Basin $4.46; Buffalo $4.22; Casper $3.28; Cheyenne $3.89; Cody $4.35; Douglas $3.99; Evanston $4.38; Gillette $3.45; Jackson $4.86; Kemmerer $4.38; Laramie $3.69; Lusk $3.89; Newcastle $3.99; Pinedale $4.14; Rawlins $4.09; Riverton $4.30; Rock Springs $3.99; Sheridan $4.09; Sundance $4.19; Thermopolis $4.06; Wheatland $4.72; Worland $4.47 

An email from a reader:

Good morning. I am wondering if I could get some information from you. In Wheatland we are very concerned about gas prices because they seem so high compared to the rest of the state. The map says our average gas price is 4.13 but all of the gas prices are over 4.70 at all 4 of the Wheatland stations. I have not been able to get information for the Chugwater, Glendo and Guernsey stations but I think their prices would have to be very low to drop the average to 4.13. In Wheatland we are concerned our prices are so high. Can you explain a bit more how our average in your article is so low?   

Thanks for writing us.  It gives us the opportunity to go behind the scenes a little bit.  I can understand why it might make people wonder when numbers don’t quite match up with their own observations. 

Basically the reason is because we don’t get all of the data from the cities that exists in those counties. We get as much as we reasonably can through GasBuddy and we think we present readers with a picture that is pretty close to actual conditions, but even GasBuddy does not get all the information for any given county.  Lower-population areas are less likely to report information to GasBuddy. 

The city of Wheatland is showing a per gallon in the $4.70 range.   GasBuddy takes into account the whole county to get the average of $4.13.  

We use the largest city in each county to gather the prices include in our reports, in this case, Wheatland for Platte County.

GasBuddy’s average for a county takes into account all the stations we can’t search ourselves.  

For Wheatland, this works out to a large difference between their lowest price and Platte’s average. 

The county average can be higher or lower than the lowest price in our selected city for that country.  

GasBuddy.com has a section for searching any city by name. Smaller cities have fewer stations, and thus get reported less to GasBuddy. Some small towns show no reports at all. This is another reason we use the largest city in any particular county.  

I hope this clears things up.

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