Letter To The Editor: Tara Nethercott Is A Proven Leader

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Dear Editor:

I have devoted much of my adult life to preserving the Wyoming that we know and love. We agree on many things, including keeping Wyoming businesses and families strong.

We do that by ensuring taxes stay low, guarding against over-regulations, protecting and supporting all Wyoming businesses, including minerals, agriculture and tourism, protecting life, and providing good paying jobs for young families.

That is why I need your help to support my friend, Tara Nethercott for Wyoming Secretary of State.

Tara is a Wyoming businesswoman and lawyer. She works hard. I have worked with her in the Wyoming Senate for many years. We share the same Wyoming values.

Because of her honesty, integrity, and hard work, she was appointed as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. She also currently serves on the Senate Corporations, Elections, Political Subdivisions Committee, Capital Finance and Investments Committee, Blockchain Committee, Finance and Digital Innovation Committee, as well as serving as a liaison to the Wyoming Retirement System Board.

Her leadership has helped keep Wyoming’s election laws sound. She is conservative and one of the most effective and successful senators we have.

Tara has supported legislation to help protect Wyoming oil and gas from both over-regulation and over-taxation. She has helped reduce regulations. She sponsored legislation to support Voter ID. She is pro life, pro gun and pro business.

She is a champion of the United States and Wyoming Constitutions. She strongly believes that the answer to government overreach is not more government.

Tara has accomplished so much in the last six years. Help me get Tara elected to be our next Secretary of State. We need her there-Wyoming needs her there! VOTE for TARA NETHERCOTT!

Eli Bebout, Riverton
Retired President of Wyoming Senate

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