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Letter To The Editor: I’m Highly Disappointed In Dick Cheney And His Daughter Liz

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Dear Editor:

To say that I am highly disappointed in Dick Cheney and his daughter, Liz, is a gross understatement.  In Dick’s ad stating that President Trump (although he did not call him “President”) is the greatest threat to our country is shocking.  In less that two years, the current occupant of the White House has accomplished the following:

— Our country’s security is greatly endangered by opening the southern border while trying to secure Ukraine’s border.
— The flow of illegal and killer drugs over the southern border is at an all-time high…with most of the drugs coming from China.
— Human trafficking across the southern border has increased exponentially.
— Some terrorists have been stopped from crossing the border and many have been allowed in.
Inflation is now at historic proportions by wasteful spending and printing money as fast as the presses will run.
— We see hideous sexual teachings becoming “normal” to our elementary school children where parents don’t care.
— The price of oil, and hence gasoline and diesel have gone through the roof by shutting down drilling and the Keystone Pipeline.
— Biden has made himself the laughing stock of all governments in the world.
— He has bowed to China and even sold them oil out of US Oil Reserves.
— The military leaders he has appointed are more enamored with woke-ness than military strength. (And as a 26-year USAF veteran this saddens and angers me greatly.)
— The current administration has allowed something as simple as baby formula to be a crisis for families.
— He also sat by and watched over 45 food processing plants in our nation burn down since less than a month after he took office.
— Now he has declared monkeypox to be a national health emergency to try to gain more control over the populous.

And Dick has the audacity to say that Trump is the greatest threat?  It is important for me to point out that my father and Dick Cheney were friends for many years.  When Dick came to speak at the USAF Air War College during my time there as a student, he told me, “Your dad, Dave, kept me well supplied with jokes all through Desert Storm.  And I needed that during that tough time.”

Then there is Liz.  It is so sad to read people’s remarks that she is a protector of our Constitution.  Not only is she subverting the Constitution, but she is also not supporting nor protecting the people of Wyoming.  Here are facts behind this statement.

Liz voted for the most recent gun control bill and then lied to everyone when she said it will not impact anyone’s 2nd Amendment rights.  

Here is one example of the content of that new bill.  If I were to buy a gun for $500 and then decided to sell it to someone else for $600, I would have to obtain a Federal Firearms License and provide all the records that gun shops have to provide.

Another aspect of this gun control law is that if you buy more than one gun in one purchase, you may very well get a visit from law enforcement wanting to see your new guns and check the serial number.  The new law indicates that anyone who buys two or more guns in one purchase is a possible threat. 

Liz serves on two committees:  House Armed Services Committee and the January 6th Committee.  Neither of those provide anything of value for the people of Wyoming.  This is why Harriet Hageman will serve on the Natural Resources Committee and the Oversight Committee when she is our Representative. Natural Resources will help Wyoming to use our resources and not be dictated to by the Feds.  The Oversight Committee will allow her to help stop the hideous Federal overreach that attempts to control our everyday lives, such as the EPA telling ranchers they cannot allow their cattle to drink water from ponds on their own ranch land.

The January 6th Committee is an unconstitutional committee completely outside the bounds of the powers to be exercised by the Congress.  Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution specifically states what powers Congress can exercise.  The 15th paragraph of Section 8 speaks of calling forth the Milita (today’s National Guard) to “…suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.”  So Nancy Pelosi called the events of January 6, 2021 an “insurrection,” to justify her formation of the committee.  

While some dumb people (specifically Antifa and BLM) did some really dumb things, it was not an insurrection by any stretch of the imagination.  Look up “Insurrection” in the dictionary to find out. 

One person was murdered during the entry to the capitol building after the Capitol Police opened the doors and allowed people to run through the building.  

When some of the idiots were trying to break through doors and windows inside the Capitol, Ashli Babbitt was trying to stop them.  As a result, a Capitol Policeman shot her in the back of the neck and killed her.  She was the only fatality and injury on that day.

Meanwhile President Trump was a mile away on the Capitol Mall wrapping up his remarks and told the people to “peacefully march” to the Capitol Building and make their voices heard.  “Peacefully march.”  He did not incite them to violence or stupidity that was already in progress up the hill in the Capitol.

When the people were running through the building, the House Chamber was told to evacuate.  Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) was working to get the women out first as they had no idea what was going on.  Liz walked up the Rep. Jordan, shook her finger in his face, and said to him, “This is your f****** fault!”  What was his fault?  No one understood what was happening.  Therefore, Liz had to have been part of the plan for this craziness because she knew what was happening.  (In case you have not heard about this, check with Rep. Jordan.  He reported this on the news…on the news that has true journalists.)

Also remember, that even though President Trump asked Pelosi and the Mayor of DC to accept 10,000+ National Guard (i.e., Militia) to protect the Capitol on January 6th just in case trouble broke out, both of them refused the support.  After all, that would have messed up their plans.  And this point has never been made during the January 6th Committee.  Pelosi and the DC Mayor should be called as witnesses to this illegal committee and asked about this.

Jim Jordan and one other Congressman were not allowed by Pelosi to be on the Committee because she considered them too biased.  Really?  So, did she believe that Liz and Kitizinger and all the Democrats on the Committee were not biased?

The Committee has not called witnesses to support the Conservative view of events.

They have declared President Trump guilty without due process…and this is a heinous act of the Committee regardless of your feelings about the former President.

Liz has lived in Wyoming for 2 years — 6th and 7th grade.  Does this sound like someone who has the true interests of the people of Wyoming at heart?  Does she really understand the challenges of the oil, coal, and mineral industries?  Has she ever gotten her hands dirty to dig into he challenges faced by ranchers and farmers?  Does she even care about the many, many small businesses that help keep this State running well?  Have she and her husband divested themselves of the tremendous investments they have in China?  Has her husband denounced Bill Clinton for his association with him for many years?

When Liz decided to run for Congress from Wyoming by using her daddy’s name recognition, she ran to Teton County, bought a vacation home, and declared that to be her primary residence…one which she very rarely occupies.  Then she immediately bought a lifetime Wyoming fishing license…for which she was fined by Game & Fish as she had not lived in the State for 3 consecutive years.  (That was great!)

For the recent debate that she had with others running for Congress, she flew in for the debate, and flew out to her buddies in Northern Virginia and DC immediately after the debate.  She did not stick around to talk to the people to find out what is on their minds — because she does not care what the people of Wyoming think.

Her greatest support base of money and endorsements is coming from Democrats outside of Wyoming for the current election cycle.

So here is the big question:  Does Liz sound like a protector of the Constitution?  Does she sound like the kind of Representative we need in the US Congress to take care of Wyoming’s interests?  Keep an eye on post-election events — my prediction is that when she loses, she will receive an appointment to some post in the Biden Administration.

By Steven Kahne, Pinedale

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