Trump Endorses Two More Statewide Wyoming Candidates Late Friday

Former President Donald Trump on Friday announced his support of two additional statewide candidates on Friday. Secretary of State candidate Chuck Gray and current Treasurer Curt Meier received the vote of confidence from Trump.

Leo Wolfson

August 06, 20223 min read

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Former President Donald Trump has endorsed two more Wyoming statewide candidates for office.

Late Friday, his Save America Political Action Committee announced Trump’s support of Brian Schroeder for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Chuck Gray for Secretary of State, and Curt Meier for State Treasurer.

Schroeder’s office tipped Cowboy State Daily off to the Schroeder endorsement on Wednesday but the additional two endorsements did not surface until Friday afternoon.

In announcing the endorsements, Trump continued to take swipes at his nemesis U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney calling her “horrendous” while mentioning Chuck Gray’s support for Cheney’s challenger Harriet Hageman.

“Chuck has been a powerful champion for election integrity, energy independence, strong borders, and fighting crime,” Trump said.

“As Secretary of State, Chuck will fight hard to ensure voter ID, ban terrible drop boxes, end ballot harvesting, and stop fraud, abuse, and other voter irregularities,” he said.

Trump’s endorsement is a feather in Gray’s cap he has long been seeking going back to his short-lived U.S. House campaign.

It was thought by many that the candidate who could earn Trump’s endorsement in the congressional race would be springboarded to the top of the pack. Soon after Hageman entered the race and won Trump’s endorsement, Gray dropped out.

Election security is one of the biggest differences separating him and his leading opponent State Sen. Tara Nethercott, R-Cheyenne, in the Secretary of State race. Gray believes ballot drop boxes are inherently insecure and should be banned immediately. He also wants to make ballot harvesting a felony and have runoff elections in Wyoming.

Nethercott has said Wyoming’s elections are currently secure, with no changes needing to be made to security, citing the extensive work she has done with the state’s 23 county clerks to keep elections secure. She said she supports ballot drop boxes as long as they have surveillance and are kept secure.

In endorsing State Treasurer Meier, Trump said he was doing a “fantastic” job and mentioned Meier’s support of Hageman.

“Curt is a very successful businessman, strong on crime and protecting our under siege second amendment, and is working hard to grow Wyoming’s economy, stop inflation, champion small businesses, protect taxpayer dollars, protect voter integrity, fight for energy independence, and advance the great American dream,” Trump said in the statement.

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