Hageman Bashes Kevin Costner As Pretend Rancher In Hollywood TV Show

Congressional challenger Harriet Hageman on Thursday mocked Kevin Costner's support of Liz Cheney calling the Yellowstone actor a "pretend rancher in a Hollywood production."

Jimmy Orr

August 04, 20222 min read

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Kevin Costner has got legs.

Literally, that’s true. But figuratively as well.

The seemingly innocuous photo of the “Yellowstone” actor wearing a tee-shirt calling out his support for Liz Cheney continues to get attention.

Cheney first surfaced the photo of Costner’s shirt-wearing support in a tweet that said “Real men put country over party.”

Congressional challenger Harriet Hageman, who grew up on a Wyoming ranch, has taken a dim view of Costner’s credentials as a rancher and his support for Cheney.  But she does like the TV series.

“Yellowstone is a good show, but Kevin Costner is a pretend rancher in a Hollywood production shot mostly in Montana, not Wyoming,” Hageman told Cowboy State Daily.

“And I’d bet that if he had to work a real ranch for a day, he’d call his agent to get him out of there. I’ll take the support of the people of Wyoming any day of the week over a liberal actor who voted for Joe Biden.”

Former Trump spokesman and current Hageman advisor Tim Murtaugh took it a step further.

Murtaugh tweeted a photoshopped version of Costner with a different message on the tee-shirt.

“I’m for Liz Cheney leaving office,” the shirt read.

Whether any of this makes any difference to voters can be debated.

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer said he thought Cheney’s embrace of Costner’s support would backfire.

“Liz is already going to lose, but while many fans love Costner and enjoy Yellowstone, who in Wyoming thinks he’s one of them?” Fleischer tweeted.

“It never ceases to amaze me how important Hollywood thinks it is,” he said.

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