Letter To The Editor: What Is The Wyoming Republican Party Afraid Of

Dear Editor: What is the Republican Party in Wyoming afraid of? Why are they supporting those in the GOP leadership that dont want January 6 investigated?

July 31, 20225 min read

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Dear Editor:

What is the Republican Party in Wyoming afraid of? Why are they supporting those in the GOP leadership that don’t want January 6 investigated?  What’s to hide if you were not involved? Don’t we want to know the facts?   

What if in 2016 Vice President Biden said, “No I certify that Hillary Clinton really won the election”?  We would be outraged and rightly so.  Don’t we want to know what or who triggered January 6? Oops sorry “trigger” like “compromise” are bad words. 

Why are they afraid of Congressman Liz Cheney? If the party is as conservative as they say they are then why would they “kick out” a congressman who voted over 90% of the time with Trump? All the sudden she isn’t conservative enough?

In fact, in the latest missive from the WY GOP Liz is called “Woke”.  What is the new definition of conservative? Who changed the definition? All of this should make you wonder, is the Former President a man or a golden calf we now must worship because we got tired of waiting on Moses to bring the 10 commandments down from the mountain.

In this case Rudy Giuliani to bring actual evidence, not hearsay, actual evidence that showed there was voter fraud and Trump won. Believe me, I wanted there to be evidence.  I could not believe a bumbling glad hander who campaigned from his basement won.  

I streamed news on my computer at work all day then beat it home to watch the news with my dad.  Many hoped for a News Alert that said, “Major Smoking Gun; Biden concedes, and Trumps stay in WH”. But it didn’t happen. And after a few weeks it started getting old and embarrassing listening to “we have the proof we have the proof” only to find out the sky was not going to fall, and that Giuliani used a bad batch of Just for Men hair color.  

Some still believe and blame the judicial system. Really? The emperor doesn’t have any clothes on, there is not any evidence, and someone needs to tell him.  Oh, wait that is what Liz is doing but she is being tarred and feathered for speaking and searching for the truth. Remember she was on the floor of the US House when rioters were trying to break down the doors of the Capitol and the House and Senate chamber. 

We were not there.  If you still believe the big lie look up a PBS Frontline interview with Frank Luntz the Republican Pollster.  He told President Trump the polls are NOT in your favor; you are going to lose. But Trump mocked him and like the smarmy salesman he is convinced others to mock Luntz also.  It’s hard to hear but sometimes the truth is hard to hear. 

Rally calls in Wyoming are, cross over voting is bad. There always is cross over voting.  And why do you think that is?  Because the GOP in the state is angry with a petite conservative blond who believes the brand, she rides for is the Constitution of the United States and it is her duty to protect it. 

This small powerhouse is not afraid to speak truth to power and say, “hey what Trump was asking Vice President Pence and others to do regarding the certification of the election was unconstitutional.”  This is not a controversial stance to take.  It’s the only stance to take. 

 The WY GOP is so afraid of Liz they have “disavowed” her.  Yep friends, the State GOP are acting like Liz is a rouge CIA agent the Russians have caught, and the CIA is no longer recognizing her as a member of their gang. If you voted for Liz last election, the GOP is now disenfranchising you. 

Again, what is the GOP afraid of? Why is Trump afraid of Cong Cheney? She is one member from a small population state, a fly over state. There is a bur under Trumps and the WY GOP’s saddle over Liz. Could it be that what she has been saying is hitting too close to the mark, so they want to deflect and say, “she isn’t Republican enough”?   

When you go to the county clerk to register to vote there is no written test. You choose.  It would be unconstitutional to do otherwise.

What made Liz a RINO? I’ve heard she does nothing for Wyoming. Seriously? She introduced legislation to protect fire fighters, coal, guns, stop Executive orders that hinder oil and gas production without Congressional approval, protecting and strengthening rural healthcare, access to tele-health, working to stop the 30 by30 Biden land grab.

There is more but I’m over my word limit.  Republicans are in the minority. Getting anything passed is impossible.  No new congressman from WY will do a quarter of what she’s done.  Besides that, anyone but Liz, will listen to a guy from New York City on how to vote.  NEW YORK CITY?! 

Please don’t take the constitution for granted.  If you choose to vote for someone other than Congressman Cheney, remember, she is working right now to keep your right to vote against her, she knows full well she could lose but defending the constitution is more important for her.  

This Cowgirl is riding for the Constitution not a New Yorker that has weaponized the English language to con people into following him.


Jackie Van Mark
Torrington, Wyoming

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