It May Seem Impossible But There’s Even More Road Construction On Wyoming Highways Now

If you are traveling across Wyoming in the next few months, it's not going to be easy. Road construction is everywhere.

Joshua Wood

July 29, 20225 min read

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By Joshua Wood, Cowboy State Daily

Anyone who has driven on Wyoming highways this summer has likely run into construction and that experience is not going to end any time soon.

That’s because as soon as the snow melts here in the Cowboy State, road construction begins and there’s even more of it this year.

At the beginning of June, there were 110 road projects planned compared to 93 last year which has meant even more delays.

Jordan Achs, a public relations specialist for the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT), told Cowboy State Daily on Friday that travelers need to plan and pay attention because chipsealing, full road construction, and bridge rehabilitation is going on everywhere.

“There’s construction pretty much on every route, depending on where you’re going,” Achs said. “Tourists can expect to see reduced speed limits and some lane closures or full closures with pilot cars guiding traffic.”

Whether one is using Google Maps or another GPS app, Achs said drivers should add 30 minutes to their ETA and don’t trust everything you see.

Last month, Google Maps was incorrectly rerouting motorists from Interstate 80 to Interstate 70 in Colorado which added hours to the trip — if followed.

Achs said the app isn’t 100% fixed yet and incorrect road closures have been spotted on Interstate 90 as well.

“We really recommend that folks use their GPS resources, but supplement that with our app and the WyoRoad website,” said Achs.

The 511 tool is the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s 511 app. Mobile users can find it on either the Apple or Google Play app stores by searching “Wyoming 511”.

“The 511 tool is a great resource to see if you have a pilot car on your route or lane closures or limited speeds that might delay it further,” said Achs.

Current Road Conditions

Interstate 80
Delays and limited speeds should be expected on Interstate 80 from Rock Springs to Cheyenne.

Four bridge rehabilitation projects are ongoing around Rock Springs. Additionally, a new I-80 interchange project in Rock Springs will limit speeds to 65 miles per hour. Two other construction projects east of Rock Springs will limit speeds to 45 miles per hour in some areas.

From Rawlins to Laramie, six ongoing projects will slow travel down. Twenty-minute delays are expected on two slab repair projects around Rawlins. Construction at Halleck Bridge and Elk Mountain will limit speeds to 45 miles per hour. Delays are expected around construction in Arlington and construction around Quealy Dome has the right lane closed with speeds of 65 miles per hour.

In Laramie, expect delays due to bridge and pavement work in west Laramie. Construction from Curtis to 3rd streets will also cause delays
Between Laramie and Cheyenne, construction at Vedauwoo West has the left lane closed with limited speeds of 45 miles per hour.

Interstate 25
From Cheyenne to Casper; three projects will cause delays for travelers, including three bridge rehabilitation projects.

Bridge rehabilitation north of Wheatland will limit speeds to 45 miles per hour, as will rehabilitation between Glendo and Douglas. Delays are also expected for a bridge rehabilitation project in Douglas.

From Casper to Buffalo, construction on I-25 over Walsh Drive will cause minimal delays.

Interstate 90
Work on the ACME Interchange will limit speeds to 45 miles per hour. Delays are expected due to a bridge repair over the US 16 interchange.

Chip Seal projects will be ongoing around Newcastle, Savageton and Kingsbury.

Highways and byways
A number of projects are also taking place on Wyoming’s state and federal highways.

Snake River South – 20-minute delays 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.;

US26/US 89 Elbow Section – 45 miles per hour;

Etna North US 89 – 20-minute delays, stopped traffic;

US189/US191 bridge rehabilitation – expect delays;

US189 Dry Piney Wildlife Crossing work near LaBarge – expect delays;

US30/WY89 Cokeville Section – expect delays;

US14/US16/US20 Cody/Pahaska section – 20-minute delays, 45 miles per hour;

WY296 Chief Joseph Highway Two Dot Slide – 15-minute delays, 15 miles per hour;

US14A Cody/Ralston – 70 miles per hour;

WY120 Meeteetse North – 20-minute delays, 45 miles per hour;

US20/WY789 Shoshoni/Thermopolis slide repair – 20-minute delay;

US20/WY789 Badwater section – 20-minute delay, stopped conditions Monday through Saturday 5 a.m. to 7 p.m.;

US26/WY789 Poison Creek Bridge – 10-minute delays stopped traffic;

WY135 Sweetwater Junction to Riverton – 20 miles per hour;

US287/WY789 Muddy Gap-Lander bridge work – expect delays;

WY28 Lander-South Pass – 15-minute delay, stopped traffic;

WY530 two District 3 Bridge Repair – 15-minute delays;

US14/US16/US20 Emblem-Greybull – 20-minute delay, stopped traffic, 45 miles per hour;

WY30 Basin-Burlington – two sections, 15-minute delays;

WY789 Creston Junction – 15-minute delay;

W789 Baggs/Savery chip seal – expect delays;

WY70 Encampment to Dixon (Savery Section) – expect delays;

US14A Lovell towards Mountain – 15-minute delay;

US16 Ucross-Clearmont – two sections, 15-minute delays;

WY230 Riverside – expect delays;

WY230 Laramie – expect delays;

US85 North of Burns – 15-minute delay;

WY59 Highland Loop – 10-minute delay;

US85 at South Dakota state line – 20-minute delay.

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