Booze On Demand: Alcohol Delivery Companies See Growth In Wyoming

As companies such as DoorDash and Uber Eats continue to grow in popularity in Wyoming, a new business model has taken off: alcohol deliveries.

Ellen Fike

July 21, 20223 min read

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As companies such as DoorDash and Uber Eats continue to grow in popularity, a new business model has come to mind: alcohol deliveries.

There are at least three alcohol delivery companies in Wyoming: Deliver My Liquor 307 in Cheyenne, Jackalope Alcohol Delivery in Casper and another in Jackson, according to Wyoming State Liquor Division executive director Mike Moser. The former two businesses are run by women.

The businesses are similar to DoorDash. A customer places an order for the alcohol they want and a driver will pick it up and deliver it to the customer’s home.

Cut Down On DUIs

Sara Gabriel started her business in an attempt to cut down on drunk driving in Cheyenne.

“The response from the public has been amazing so far,” Gabriel said. “We’ve been in business since June 1 and we hope to be busy during Cheyenne Frontier Days. We are here to stay, though.”

Arielle Trickett of Jackalope also wanted to start her delivery business to cut down on the number of DUIs seen in Casper and the state. Wyoming is considered one of the worst states for drunk driving incidents, according to previous reporting by Cowboy State Daily.

“I felt like it would be a safe way to keep the party going and minimize drinking and driving, so the convenience factor about it appealed to me,” Trickett told Cowboy State Daily on Thursday.

Trickett has been in business for nearly a year and has five drivers delivering alcohol to the Casper area.

Moser told Cowboy State Daily on Thursday that Jackson also has an alcohol delivery service and he believes it is growing in popularity across the state. But there was a caveat to that thought.

“I don’t think it’s as popular as it is in many cities because a lot of the cities don’t have people to drive and driving and parking is a real adventure,” Moser said. “Whereas, here, we still drive a lot. If you live in a town of 1,000 and you do alcohol deliveries for a living, you’re not going to do very well.”


Wyoming House Bill 13, passed in 2021, codified alcohol delivery in statute form for the state.

There are still some regulations to be worked through, though. At this time, Gabriel can only deliver through one liquor store in Cheyenne, DTs, which she said had the best selection and prices of anywhere else in town.

However, Trickett and her drivers are able to deliver from any liquor store in Casper. It is unclear what the regulations in the Jackson area are for alcohol deliveries.

Moser said ordering must be done through the alcohol license holder, of which there are 750 in the state. Once the alcohol is purchased, the delivery driver will ask to see the buyer’s identification upon arrival.

Trickett and Gabriel both think the alcohol delivery services will continue to grow as more and more people in the state learn about them.

“I have loved delivering. The kind words and support from the community have been what’s kept me going,” Gabriel said. “I just hope everyone will keep an open mind and welcome the benefits this service will bring.”

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Ellen Fike