Cheney Beats Hageman For Out-Of-State $$, Hageman Beats Cheney In State $$, Bouchard Trails

FEC reports show Hageman is dominating Cheney when it comes to funding from in-state donors while Cheney is doing the same with out-of-state donors. Anthony Bouchard's fundraising efforts have all but dried up.

Leo Wolfson

July 19, 20224 min read

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Out-of-state money continues to pour into the Republican U.S. House race between frontrunners Rep. Liz Cheney and Harriet Hageman, but Hageman had a much more successful second quarter when it came to individual contributions from Wyoming voters.

Federal Election Commission reports show Hageman is dominating Cheney when it comes to funding from in-state donors, raising nearly three times as much as the incumbent over the duration of the campaign with $993,252, about 25% of her total campaign funding. Cheney has earned $338,628 from Wyoming donors.

California Gold

California continues to be the largest donor pool for Cheney with $1.2 million coming to her from the Golden State over the course of the campaign, $290,742 of that in the second quarter of the year. 

In the second quarter, which ran from April 1 through June 30, Wyoming contributors gave Cheney $83,292 while Virginia donors gave her $84,386. 

Virginia, the state where Cheney spent a significant portion of her life before moving to Wyoming, has given her $828,537 over the course of the campaign. Cheney has received a total of $308,628 from Wyoming residents. 

Wyoming residents gave Hageman $450,158 in the second quarter of the year. It was a record quarter for Hageman’s in-state fundraising efforts, increasing her campaign’s share of in-state contributions by 11%. Wyoming is the largest funding source for the Hageman campaign. 

Florida has been Hageman’s biggest source of out-of-state funding with $303,218. She made $91,235 from Florida in the second quarter. 

Melinda Gates, former wife of billionaire Bill Gates, gave $5,800 to Cheney’s campaign, one of three people to give the maximum contribution to Cheney in the second quarter. Eight people gave Hageman a $5,800 contribution during the second quarter. 

Fellow GOP House candidate state Sen. Anthony Bouchard, R-Cheyenne, is in third place for campaign funding in the race with a total of $620,474 raised. 


Bouchard’s campaign donations have been dwindling since Hageman entered the race and received the endorsement of former President Donald Trump. Bouchard only received $8,578 in the second quarter. 

On the Democrat side, Lynette GreyBull is the only candidate who has submitted finance information for the second quarter. Her reports showed her raising $500 in the second quarter, which is her total for the entire campaign. She has spent $2,257. 


A new major political action committee has also entered the race on behalf of Hageman, according to FEC reports. Save Wyoming gave $115,544 to her campaign. The PAC is based in Cheyenne, but Massachusetts resident Jason Young is listed as its treasurer. It has raised $184,050 since it started in May. It is associated with former President Donald Trump’s Save America PAC. 

Save America gave $5,000 directly to the Hageman campaign in December and $500,000 to Wyoming Values in April, a PAC working on Hageman’s behalf. 

Secretary of State Ed Buchanan gave $500 to Save Wyoming. Casper resident Doris McMurry was the largest contributor to the group with $17,000, while Ron McMurry gave $10,800. 

State legislative candidates Bob Ide ($1,500) and Ben Hornok ($500) also gave to the PAC, as did former state legislator Marti Halverson, who gave $2,000.

Great Task PAC, working on behalf of Cheney, gave $154,600 to her campaign in the second quarter. Two contributors gave the maximum $10,800 to the PAC during the quarter. The PAC has spent $1.02 million since August 2021.

Cheney has received $904,445 directly from outside PACs and other campaigns, while Hageman’s campaign has directly received $133,700. The House Freedom Fund PAC gave $55,988 directly to the Hageman campaign in the second quarter. 

Hageman has raised $3.8 million during the campaign and spent $2.6 million. Cheney has raised $13.06 million and spent $6.2 million, leaving her with $6.9 million in cash on-hand.

While $6.9 million might seem substantial, it does not amount to much in a presidential race. Some have speculated Cheney might run for president in 2024, possibly against Trump, who has $101 million in his PAC.

A Tampa Bay publication has announced that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, seen as a possible presidential candidate as well, has raised $56.2 million in his campaign for re-election as governor.

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