What It Looks Like To Have A Grizzly Charge You

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By Jorn Vangoidtsenhoven
Guest column, Cowboy State Daily

If you ever wonder what it looks like when a grizzly comes sprinting directly towards you … here is the answer in pictures.

The grizzly pictured is one of the biggest males (or ‘boars’) around in Wyoming. 

The locals in Jackson Hole call him ‘Bruno.’

Being the biggest grizzly in town comes with its perks: Bruno is believed to be the dad of most of the young cubs in the area.  This likely makes him the dad of the four cubs that 399 recently kicked out as well as the dad of 399’s daughter’s – 610 – three cubs of the year. 

This particular afternoon, I spotted Bruno courting 399 shortly after she weaned the four cubs.

399 wasn’t having any of it.

She kept attempting to run away from him, to no avail.  As soon as 399 faked running in one direction, soon followed by sprinting in the opposite direction, Bruno was directly on her tail.

On this occasion, 399, closely followed by Bruno, ran straight in the direction of my parked car.  The big telephoto lens did the rest …

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