Casper Man Loses Control Of Prosthetic Leg; Drives Car Through Convenience Store

A Casper man lost control of his prosthetic leg on Monday and ran his vehicle through a convenience store. The damages to the building were extensive, according to the police.

July 18, 20222 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

A prosthetic leg is being blamed for an accident that sent a car through the front of a Casper convenience store on Monday.

Veronica Fresorger, manager of the Good2Go convenience store on Valley Drive in Casper, was doing paperwork in her office when she heard what “sounded like an explosion hit my store.”

A pickup truck had driven through the front of the business.

Fresorger said the unidentified driver of the pickup truck had problems with its accelerator and was unable to stop.

“The gentleman said his foot stuck on the gas pedal,” she said. “The accelerator was down and he came in through the store. It was just bad luck.” 

It appeared the senior driver’s prosthetic leg became caught on the accelerator and he wasn’t able to free it in time to stop the vehicle, she added.

“I came running out and he was just getting out of the vehicle,” she said. “The first thing through my head was to call 911.” 

After being questioned by Casper police the man was released to his daughter.

There were no injuries reported in the incident. 

“Everyone was safe, everyone was good, including the driver.” said Fresorger.

The damages to the building were extensive, however causing the temporary closure of the business. 

“He took out my entire front wall, all my windows are broken,” Fresorger said. “The whole bottom wall from side to side will have to be replaced, and he took out my open air cooler.” 

No estimates on value of the damages were available. 

A cleanup crew was just arriving Monday afternoon and the front of the store will be boarded up until repairs can be made. Although the store is open out front for gas sales, the inside of the store is close for business until Tuesday morning. 

Photo by Tim Mandese
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