Letter To The Editor: Don’t Move To California!

Dear Editor: I hope to be accepted as a Wyoming citizen some day. Appreciate where you live. You are lucky and do not know it.

July 15, 20223 min read

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Dear Editor:

I truly understand people’s frustrations at gas prices.

It might be helpful if they compared prices to California. The state I am trapped in.

I have wanted to move to Wyoming for decades, but my wife wanted to stay in this state. Mostly for out three children.

We are tracking at about $7 a gallon statewide for gas. We have been above $3.50 a gallon for the last 20 years at least, while Wyoming and most other states were around $1.50 a gallon. We also have the refineries that most likely supply the same gas at $2 or more less a gallon to Wyoming than what we pay here. Figure that one out?

Nothing will ever change as long as the politicians are making themselves rich. Check the statistics of our countries Billionaires. They have ALL more than doubled their money in the last two years.

When this latest housing market crashes as history and the statistics say it will. We will wish we only had the 1929 crash and depression to deal with.

You have a large state with a population of less than 50% of our state capital, Sacramento.

I live in the northern part of this state.

About a hundred miles or so from Oregon. 15,000 population town with traffic like L.A.

I say always to anyone that will listen.


Visit only. Spend about two weeks visiting the only things worth seeing.

Disneyland should be seen at least once in a lifetime. Five days at Disney, one needs to be a Saturday for the night show, one day at Universal Studios, take the tram tour.

Then head North. The California Redwoods have the largest trees in the world.

You are transported to our worlds past. The trees of mystery are a must see while you are there. Just look for the giant Paul Bunyan and Babe statues. In Klamath.

Then make your way West to the Northern state beaches. Start at Fortuna and travel north on the 101 highway towards Oregon. Pelican state beach is the last nice one in the state. Then head to Interstate 80 as soon as you can and scoot home.

This is obviously some of my rantings about the lack of people to admit they voted for the ones destroying our country. Even the ones that had Biden signs in their front yards claim they voted for Trump.

I do need to say: These are my opinions based on facts, research, and personal observations for over sixty years.

Thank you if you spent the time reading this.

Dan C.

Trapped in a real hell.

I hope to be accepted as a Wyoming citizen some day.

Appreciate where you live. You are lucky and do not know it.

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