Hageman Debuts First TV Ad In Wyoming House Campaign

Harriet Hageman, on Tuesday, released her first TV ad of the 2022 congressional campaign. The ad has a "Tombstone" feel to it with Hageman, clad in black, walking along the windy, Wyoming plains.

Leo Wolfson

July 12, 20223 min read

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On Tuesday, Harriet Hageman released her first TV ad of the 2022 Wyoming U.S. Congressional campaign (see below), urging voters to “act accordingly” and vote for her.

“As we so often say here, ‘You are in Wyoming. Act accordingly,’” Hageman says in the commercial.

During the commercial, which is set to run in the Cheyenne and Casper television markets, footage of Hageman’s rally with former President Donald Trump held in Casper is shown, reinforcing the fact that Hageman has Trump’s endorsement in her race against U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney.

The former president has been the clearest point of the divide between Hageman and Cheney, with Hageman backing Trump’s claims of election fraud and Cheney opposing the claims and voting for his impeachment.

The ad also describes how as a land and water attorney, Hageman has spent her life “fighting the unelected bureaucrats in D.C.”

There are more than 22 million unelected U.S. government employees.

Hageman said in her ad she will promote an “America First” agenda that protects citizens’ Constitutional rights, reigns in government overreach and stands up for election integrity. She also vowed to stop House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, and Cheney from pushing their “radical agenda.”

In a press release, Hageman’s campaign said the commercials cost in the “six figures” to run. When asked the exact price tag of the ad spots, her spokesperson Tim Murtaugh repeated the sum “six figures.” 

This is the second advertisement expenditure in the race exceeding $100,000 in the last two weeks. A PAC supporting Cheney spent $183,000 on web ads last week.

Hageman’s ad was paid for from the Hageman for Wyoming campaign fund. This is the main branch of Hageman’s campaign funding arm, raising $2.06 million on her behalf through the end of March. 

Wyoming Values Political Action Committee, chaired by Donald Trump Jr. and run by a handful of different major Trump lobbyists, has also been set up to support Hageman, but is technically separate from her campaign. Wyoming Values ran its own television ads on Hageman’s behalf earlier this year. It also helped organize the Trump rally in May and had already spent $115,504 on her behalf as of March 31.

New, up-to-date campaign finance information will be released on Friday.

The TV commercial will run through the primary election day on Aug. 16. Although Hageman has already released web ads and other media content, many containing the same video clips shown in the new commercial, the Tuesday release is her first TV ad of the campaign.

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Leo Wolfson

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