Through The Roof! Gas Tops $7 Per Gallon In Teton County

A gas station in Teton County is selling premium unleaded gasoline for more than $7 per gallon and $6.69 for regular unleaded. The average in Wyoming is $4.83.

Ellen Fike

July 07, 20222 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

A gas station in Teton Village has become the most expensive place to get gasoline in Wyoming with a price of $6.69 per gallon of regular unleaded, more than $1 higher than the average price in Teton County and more than $2 above the state’s lowest gas price.

The four-pump Chevron gas station in Teton Village is charging $6.69 for its cheapest type of gas, according to Thursday’s Wyoming gas map. The owner did not return Cowboy State Daily’s requests for comment on Thursday afternoon.

The average price of gas in Teton County is $5.25, while the state’s average Thursday was $4.83. The lowest gasoline price in the state Thursday was in Laramie at $4.24 per gallon — more than $2 per gallon less than the Teton Village price.

The prices at the Chevron on Thursday ranged to a high of $7.09 for supreme.

GasBuddy petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan said that the high price charged by the Chevron is probably legal, but is also likely to discourage potential repeat customers.

Wyoming has no laws regulating the setting of retail prices.

Drew Dearmont, from Tallahassee, Florida, told Cowboy State Daily that he was surprised to hear that regular unleaded was selling for as low as $5.11 in Jackson when he was paying $6.69 at the Chevron in Teton Village, only 12 miles away.

“Talk about markup,” Dearmont said. “It’s my own fault for not checking to see what the prices are. I know they are all online so I will definitely learn from this.”

Shelly Colbertson, a tourist from the Minneapolis area, said she expected gas prices to be higher in Teton County but not over $7 per gallon for premium unleaded.

“This is bat [expletive] crazy,” Colbertson said. “When I saw the price at the pump, I just decided that I would gas up somewhere else. This is insanity.”

The $6.69 gas price is more expensive than at some California gas stations, which are averaging about $6.16 per gallon of regular unleaded, according to

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Ellen Fike