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Columnist Dave Walsh explains why he's retiring from being the Voice of the Wyoming Cowboys...

Dave Walsh

July 08, 20225 min read

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It’s time. That’s it really. It’s time.

Oh there are many reasons, there are a lot of things that tell me that it’s time.

It’s just the moment that feels right to step away and stop being the Voice of the Cowboys. It’s time to step aside and leave the best job of its kind, anywhere. The time is right to step back and be an off-air fan. The time has come to stay home and enjoy that more.

This decision of mine hasn’t been something that has been suddenly decided, far from it. I have thought of this day for some years now. And it’s not a call that has been hurried or forced in any way. It’s been very clear that this decision would be mine and mine alone. It’s been understood that I was to be the Voice of the Cowboys for as long as I wanted. And when that would end was entirely up to me. 

How great is that! Great support is just one of the many things that made this job the best of any. And that support came from everywhere, always did. The Wyoming Athletic Department, all of the networks involved over the years, most recently Learfield and Wyoming Sports Properties and of course the passionate Wyoming fans have been incredible. Everyone has been so supportive and appreciative. Again, just a few other things that have made being the “Voice of the Cowboys” the best job anywhere.

So why would anyone in their right mind leave a position like that? Who would voluntarily stop being the Voice of the Cowboys?

Yep, that’s me. But take it from me, trust me here — it’s time.

I never ever wanted to hang around too long. I never wanted one day to be on the air, suddenly not knowing what’s going on. Drawing a blank at just the wrong time. I know these are things that many broadcasters think about, especially after so many broadcasts. And we probably shouldn’t be thinking those things, but I do. Now, I think we’ve done a lot of good radio over the years. I’m proud of what Kevin and I, and the entire crew, have done. I just always wanted to end things still doing good radio.

I am at an age that is definitely retirement age. For me. That particular age is different for everyone. For me, it is now.

And certainly, there are things that I will miss. Other things, not so much. I will miss the broadcasts very much. Working on a team that takes on a “live” event, painting the picture for a listening audience, is special. The fact that these are Wyoming broadcasts, going out to those amazing fans and supporters, is a bonus. 

I won’t miss the travel, I never have been much of a “flyer,” I just don’t enjoy it. I won’t miss the hotel rooms, I’ve actually woken up in the middle of the night, somewhere, not knowing where I was. These were things that went with the job, and I learned to exist quite well with both. But I won’t miss them.

There was actually one big sign, and it popped up just recently. One very obvious indicator that “It is time.”

The 2022 Wyoming Cowboy Football schedule has a game slated for Sept. 24. It’s the fifth game on the schedule, an away game. The Pokes will play the BYU Cougars in Provo, Utah. That’s right, those Cougars, in Lavell Edwards Stadium. The very same venue where so many Wyoming-BYU blood feuds took place. And the very same venue to host what was supposed to be the very last football game the two teams would ever play against each other. 

It was late October, 2010. It’s hard to believe that it has been 12 football seasons ago, when BYU had announced that it was leaving the Mountain West Conference. It had gotten too big for the Mountain West. I think they got too big for their own britches and wanted nothing more to do with Wyoming after this game.

It was late in this particular game where yours truly, the Voice of the Cowboys, kinda lost it, on the air. David Leonard had run a perfect post-route, gotten himself wide open, and long before the ball arrived right on target, Leonard was taken to the ground by a BYU safety coming from across the field. Yours truly, the Voice of the Cowboys, felt very strongly that it was a definitive case of pass-interference. 

Now, there was no profanity used, never did that, but Yours Truly did have some choice words to say. And I remember saying, at the end of this tirade, quote, “good riddance BYU, I’m glad we never have to come back here and get cheated, like we have so many times. I’m glad I never have to broadcast a game in this place ever again,” end quote.

So you see, how can I go back there? I’m telling you, it’s a sign!

But seriously, it’s time.

I’ll still be around, writing columns here on Cowboy State Daily and doing some produced radio work like “Wonders of Wyoming” and the “Cowboy Capsule.” I have been so fortunate. My family and I have been welcomed and treated so well for a long time. To be the Voice of the Cowboys for these last 38 years has been a great honor and privilege.

But…It’s Time.

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