Letter To The Editor: Read Reality Truthfully

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Dear editor:

“Read reality truthfully” was a topic discussed in my Leadership Wyoming class.

This concept resonated with me. Reading reality truthfully does not mean that you like the reality or that it is your preferred choice for reality.

Giuliani had theories, but no evidence. He was not reading reality truthfully. Evidence is crucial. What you want to believe should not dictate what you do believe. Under oath, Trump’s supporters indicated there was no evidence of extensive fraud. 

Trump convinced his followers, the insurrectionist, to fight to stop the peaceful transfer of power. Once you read reality truthfully you can respond responsibly.

Liz Cheney is doing that. She knows there was not any fraud. She knows Trump lost the election. She knows that if the actions on Jan 6 are treated as a bunch of tourists that got a little wild and not called out for what it was, an attempted coup, we will not have fair elections. 

She is responding responsibly to ensure this type of action cannot taint future elections. 

The oath of office taken by US House representatives indicates they will “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Liz is upholding her oath of office and the constitution. She has my vote. I urge you to vote for upholding the constitution and vote Liz Cheney for US House on or before Aug. 16.


Dr. Keren Meister-Emerich

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