Letter To The Editor: Liz Has Been A Powerhouse For Wyoming

Dear editor: Ive watched Liz Cheney's accomplishments since our first meeting, and she has been a powerhouse for Wyoming for 6 years. -- Jesse Combs, Wilson, WY

June 30, 20222 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Dear Editor:

I first met Congresswoman Liz Cheney over a cup of coffee to talk about our public lands. She was a freshman Congresswoman and I was a mechanized and motorized trail user concerned voices like mine would be drowned out by powerful out-of-state interests.

I remember that first meeting well and thinking, “Here I am just a random guy. How cool is this? She met with some of the most powerful people in the ag industry in the morning and now here she is having coffee with me in the afternoon.”

That’s the benefit of a state like Wyoming and a Congresswoman like Liz: you can actually sit down with your Congresswoman while she’s in town.

When we talked, she heard and understood motorized users like me just wanted balance—and she supported that principle of balance. She knows 82% of the land in Teton County are already designated or de facto Wilderness and areas for multi-use trails are increasingly rare.

After our meeting, she introduced HB4697—a bill that would protect existing uses in the Palisades Wilderness Study Area until Congress can make a further determination. She has been essential for preserving balance on our public lands and ensuring recreational access for all types of users.

Congresswoman Cheney believes that public lands are for the public.

Recreational access to public lands is not something I take for granted. When that access was threatened, I reached out to Liz. She met with me, listened to me, heard my concerns and acted.

I’m voting for Liz Cheney, not just because she listened to me, but also because I’ve watched her accomplishments since our first meeting, and she has been a powerhouse for Wyoming for 6 years. We need her back in Congress, so please join me in voting for her August 16th.


Jesse Combs
Wilson, WY

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