Bear Fight Breaks Out In Lake Tahoe Shed

A Lake Tahoe homeowner woke up on Saturday night to the sound of two bears beating the crap out of each other in her backyard shed. Her security cam captured the fight.

Jimmy Orr

June 23, 20221 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

It’s not every day that two bears get into a brawl in someone’s backyard. Or even more specifically, the shed in the backyard.

Better yet, the brief bout between the bruins was captured on video.

A webcam picked up the one round action. It was fast and furious for a few seconds before one bear realized he was outmatched by the other.

The fighting woke up the homeowner who thought it might have been a bear and raccoon who were exchanging fists, er paws.

Then she ran out there to find out it was a battle of bears.

“I screamed and my dogs started barking and we ran out there to break it up,” Lisa Quick said.

Thankfully, Quick didn’t follow through with her plan of action. She later said that she sees bears every day “but we’ve never had them fight before.”

“They are loners and don’t travel together,” she said.

Someone forgot to tell the bears.

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