Dave Simpson: Liz Pursues The Great White Whale

Columnist Dave Simpson writes: "The problem with Rep. Liz Cheney's Captain Ahab-like determination to see that Donald Trump never gets anywhere near the Oval Office again (her words) is that Trump was so much better at the job of being president than President Joe Biden."

Dave Simpson

June 21, 20224 min read

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Plenty of news out there these days. Let’s whack some current events moles:

– The problem with Rep. Liz Cheney’s Captain Ahab-like determination to see that Donald Trump never gets anywhere near the Oval Office again (her words) is that Trump was so much better at the job of being president than President Joe Biden.

If there’s a drop of pragmatic blood in your body, you have to admit that Trump got some pretty good results,  despite the frantic, non-stop efforts of the back-stabbing Washington establishment to impeach him, indict him, humiliate him, investigate him, nullify him, and in a thousand different ways undermine his administration and the will of the American voter.

Sure, he sent out some “mean tweets,” and he apparently had some randy relationships in the past (like JFK?), and he thought he could trust some people who shouldn’t have been trusted. But Good Lord people, gasoline was $2.39 a gallon! You could walk into any grocery or pharmacy and buy baby formula! Our southern border wasn’t the pathetic joke it is today. The stock market that the cynics predicted would crash when Trump was elected soared from 18,000 to almost 36,000.

We were energy independent, a goal that seemed impossible ever since the gas lines of the 1970s. We hadn’t made a pitiful hash of leaving Afghanistan, and if such a debacle occurred under Trump, you can bet the heads of those responsible would have been on pikes. (He wasn’t afraid to fire people.) We were even – imagine this – making progress in the Middle East.

He was cutting government regulations. Unemployment was low, businesses were relocating back to the U.S., the supply chain was chugging along, and companies that needed workers could find them.

And, if you worship at the altar of vaccines, the man ridiculed for supposedly telling people to inject bleach into their bodies (he didn’t), managed to speed up the vaccine development and approval process from taking years to months. Vice President Harris said she’d never take a vaccine Donald Trump had anything to do with, but then she did, then said we all should.

This is the president Liz Cheney says should never be allowed to be president again? This is the guy she wants to protect us from, even as Joe Biden and his team of politically correct and woke incompetents screw up everything they touch?

Ask someone to list Joe Biden’s accomplishments. Nobody can think of anything other than squandering yet more billions on yet more wasteful liberal pipe dreams, in the hope that more profligacy and wretched excess can stem inflation. It can’t.

More and more these days, I hear people – even some liberals – saying, “I could use a mean tweet about now.”

– President Biden is going to Saudi Arabia in coming days, in part to ask a favor of the country responsible for murdering, cutting up, and disposing of the body of a columnist for the Washington Post. He wants the country he once dubbed a “pariah” to pump more oil, even as he does everything possible to hamstring the energy industry here in the United States.

He prefers dealing with the pariahs of Saudi Arabia over oil executives here, apparently because AOC and the Squad of Green Nuts demands that it be that way.

Call me crazy, but I draw the line at people who cut up columnists and dispose of them in garbage bags. That’s a bridge too for for me, and you have to wonder how the Washington Post feels about it.

– My wife worked on the psych unit at the Cheyenne hospital for six years, and she’s amazed at the current “red flag” debate over identifying those who might be a danger to themselves or others.

She saw many people in those years hospitalized on “72-hour detentions,” after which an administrative judge would determine if they should be held longer. Most weren’t. (The late Al Wiederspahn was one of those judges.)

So in truth, we have a form of the “red flag” here in Wyoming that has been quietly working for years.

But nothing is ever enough in Washington, and there’s always a drive to heap another legislative saddle bag on the overloaded mule of government.

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