More Wild Video From The Flooding In Yellowstone; House Breaks Off Into Raging River

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By Jimmy Orr, Cowboy State Daily

More dramatic images and video emerged on Monday from the flooding in Yellowstone National Park.

Bridges have been ripped apart, roads have crumbled and fallen into rivers, and whole downtowns have been turned into raging waterways.

Monday afternoon, photographer Deby Dixon captured video footage of park employee housing falling into the Yellowstone River.

Courtesy Deby Dixon, Deby’s Wild World

Dixon said townspeople from Gardiner, Montana, gathered near the doomed structure to watch “as the Yellowstone River continues to rage.”

Steve Rupno, another resident, took footage of the same house but on the other side of the river and provided a vantage point showing just how the swollen river was pounding against the foundation of the structure.

“More of the hill just gave [away],” he called out.

With every passing moment, dirt, rocks, and parts of the foundation broke off into the water.

A nearby garage was first to go. It was all but a certainty as nothing was under more than half of the structure. It was teetering out over the river as the waters pounded the riverbank.

And just like that, gravity won.

“The house might be okay, only time will tell,” Dixon said.

Time did tell and the house was not okay.

The weather belied the situation.

It was sunny with little wind. But the elements were too much as the house finally succumbed to the waters.

In the video Dixon captured, nothing was said.  It was a fait accompli.

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