Letter to the Editor: Civility Matters

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Dear Editor:

Civility matters. The internal and external voices of Wyoming’s  Republican Central Committee test what it means to be civil.

If you were a business leader thinking about expansion to Wyoming would you be having second thoughts given the front page ruckus? If you are a graduating student, whether high school or college, would your interests in politics, or Wyoming’s future, be waning? If you are a Democrat, Independent, or Republican are you tiring of the on-going unease?

Students of history know that America harbors tensions of opposites. Today’s world of the internet and social media lessens opportunities for sitting across a table to thrash things out and leave with a handshake. 

A Governors’s Business Forum in November, 2013 featured David McCullough, arguably one of America’s preeminent historians. He spoke of civility as the pathway to compromise and progress. 

The next Governor’s Business Forum will likely be in November, after the elections. Perhaps presentations, round table discussions, and inclusive representation of conservatives, moderates, and liberals could be the focus.

Bill Schilling
Former President/Founder, Wyoming Business Alliance

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