Daily Wyoming Gas Map: Friday, May 20, 2022

The highest gasoline price in Wyoming on Friday was in Jackson at $4.82 per gallon. The lowest price, $3.96, was found in Laramie.

May 20, 20223 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

The price of gasoline increased by 0.8 cents per gallon on Friday over the previous 24 hours to average $4.27 per gallon.

The website GasBuddy.com, which tracks national gas prices, reported Wyoming’s average gas price is up by 6.1 cents per gallon from one week ago, and by $1.26 per gallon from one year ago.

Wyoming’s average price for gasoline remained below the national average of $4.59 for a gallon of regular, which is a U.S. record and is up 1.2 cents from Thursday.

High and Low Prices:

The highest gasoline price in Wyoming on Friday was in Jackson at $4.82 per gallon. The lowest price, $3.96, was found at the Gasamat station at 709 S. Third St. in Laramie.

The county with the highest average price was Teton at $4.50 per gallon. The county with the lowest average was Albany at $4.00. 

These are the highest and lowest reported prices among those stationed surveyed. All 23 of Wyoming’s counties had average prices of more than $4.00 per gallon.

Friday’s Big Movers:

Platte County was up 30 cents; Lincoln County was up 28 cents; Buffalo was up 26 cents; Niobrara County was up 17 cents; Basin was up 16 cents; Lusk was up 13 cents; Sheridan was up 12 cents; Pinedale and Converse County were up 10 cents; Worland and Hot Springs County were up 8 cents; Kemmerer was up 7 cents; Big Horn County was up 6 cents; Teton County was down 19 cents; Casper was down 16 cents, and Subette County was down 13 cents.

*The average price per gallon of regular in each Wyoming county: 

Albany $4.00; Big Horn $4.36; Campbell $4.19; Carbon $4.16; Converse $4.21; Crook $4.27; Fremont $4.26; Goshen $4.13; Hot Springs $4.33; Johnson $4.25; Laramie $4.20; Lincoln $4.53; Natrona $4.12; Niobrara $4.27; Park $4.32; Platte $4.40; Sheridan $4.18; Sublette $4.27; Sweetwater $4.38; Teton $4.50; Uinta $4.47; Washakie $4.30; Weston: $4.16. 

*The lowest price per gallon, reported in major Wyoming cities:

Basin $4.29; Buffalo $4.19; Casper $3.99; Cheyenne $3.99; Cody $4.29; Douglas $4.12; Evanston $4.35; Gillette $4.13; Jackson $4.48; Kemmerer $4.38; Laramie $3.96; Lusk $4.12; Newcastle $4.13; Pinedale $4.44; Rawlins $4.09; Riverton $4.19; Rock Springs $4.32; Sheridan $4.17; Sundance $4.24; Thermopolis $4.29; Wheatland $4.08; Worland $4.27.  

Tim’s Observation:

On this past Tuesday, I postulated that by Tuesday of next week, Wyoming could see an average gas price of $4.30 per gallon. After flirting briefly with the $4.30 average, today’s average price retreated slightly $4.27 per gallon. Yet prices are expected to climb again as the national average increases. 

GasBuddy forecasts are now suggesting that the U.S. average could reach $5.00 per gallon by August. With Wyoming averaging 25 to 30 cents below the national average, that would be $4.70 to $4.75 per gallon at your local pump. Every state in the U.S. now averages above the $4.00 mark. 

Normally, gas prices bottom out during the first week of February and then begin to rise again, typically topping out just before Memorial Day. In 2021, higher oil prices pushed gas prices up and prices continued to climb at a time when they traditionally decline. Pump prices this year have climbed since Jan. 1 and they haven’t looked back. 

2022 looks to echo the trend in 2021, and rise during a period of normal relief. 

Want to help us gather the most accurate gas prices for this report? Consider downloading the GasBuddy app and submit the gas prices in your area. 

*Note: Prices in this report are for reference only. They are gathered just prior to posting, and may not reflect prices that have changed since last posted.

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