Carbon County GOP Chair Reckless Endangerment Trial Continues; Correnti Pushes For Dismissal

Carbon County GOP Chair Joey Correnti IV is accused of pointing a 9-mm pistol at Nicholas Chadwick in October during an altercation in Saratoga and later firing a shot into the air.

Ellen Fike

April 27, 20223 min read

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A judge is deciding whether to dismiss a criminal case involving the chairman of the Carbon County Republican Party and accusations that he recklessly endangered people by firing a gun into the air late last year.

According to Bigfoot 99, which attended the hearing, state District Judge Susan Stipe is considering whether to continue the proceedings against Joey Correnti IV, who was charged with a misdemeanor charge of reckless endangering earlier in December.

Stipe is expected to make a ruling this week, the radio station reported.

Correnti is accused of pointing a 9-mm pistol at Nicholas Chadwick in October during an altercation in Saratoga and later firing a shot into the air.

Correnti is representing himself in the case and has argued that Wyoming’s “Stand Your Ground” defense, which allows the use of force in cases of self-defense, applies in this situation.

The prosecution has argued that Correnti used excessive force in the encounter with Chadwick, while Correnti said he pointed his handgun at Chadwick only after Chadwick hit him in the head.

An audio recording of the altercation was played during the hearing and Bigfoot 99 host Cali O’Hare said the question remains of whether Correnti or Nicholas Chadwick was the initial aggressor in the incident.

Bigfoot 99 reported that in the audio recording, Chadwick asked the woman if she and Correnti had been intimate, but Correnti responded there was nothing in the house to “[expletive]” on.”

According to a police report from the incident, Correnti was helping a woman move into a home when Chadwick, the woman’s husband, arrived and confronted the woman, alleging she was in a relationship with Correnti.

The report said Chadwick tried three times to grab the woman’s phone, grabbing her wrist at one point.

Correnti inserted himself between the woman and Chadwick, the report said, and the two argued briefly before Chadwick hit Correnti near the right temple.

Correnti then brandished a pistol, the report said, pointing it at Chadwick and telling Chadwick not to hit him again or he would “put (Chadwick) down.”

After Correnti fired a shot into the air, Chadwick left the scene, the report said.

In other testimony offered during the hearing, witnesses said that Correnti was hired to DJ at the wedding of Chadwick and the woman in September 2020, but Correnti and the woman became romantically involved a year later.

“I was aware of who she was up until two months ago,” Correnti told the court during the hearing.

Bigfoot 99 reported Correnti received “admonishment” from Stipe for his attitude.

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Ellen Fike