Gun Lover Jeffree Star Receives Custom Pink Firearm From Beretta

Since moving to Wyoming in 2020, cosmetics mogul Jeffree Star has expanded his gun collection, saying he was even in the process of building a weapons room comparable to those seen in James Bond films.

Ellen Fike

April 27, 20223 min read

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Despite being known for his love of fashion and makeup, YouTuber and cosmetics mogul Jeffree Star is actually a gun enthusiast as well who recently received a custom-made pink pistol from famed firearms manufacturer Beretta.

Star told Cowboy State Daily he saw an uptick in comments on his social media earlier this month when he released a YouTube video featuring the pistol.

“I would say 95% of my audience’s comments were positive, but Beretta saw some ‘controversy’ when they posted about my gun and were supporting me on their Facebook, Instagram and website,” Star said Wednesday. “It ruffled a lot of feathers, likely of old men and maybe Republicans who don’t understand that I’m all a free spirit.”

The YouTuber said he is not bothered by what people say about him and his love of guns, whether they agree with him or not. He noted he has a license to carry a concealed weapon and loves taking part in target practice.

Star said he has featured other guns on his YouTube channel, such as a pink AR-15 featured when he reviewed Gucci foundation makeup.

Star has been around guns from a young age and he said his father was a marksman, while his mother taught him gun safety from a young age.

However, gun laws in his home state of California are significantly more restrictive than those in Wyoming, which means that since moving to the Cowboy State, Star has been able to fully express his appreciation for firearms.

Since moving to Wyoming in 2020, Star has expanded his gun collection, saying he was even in the process of building a weapons room comparable to those seen in “James Bond” films.

He added that on Friday, he would be flying to Italy to tour the Beretta headquarters, where he will be given a pink rifle as a gift.

“I love random stuff,” he said. “Yeah, I like fashion and makeup, but I also like pinball. I like these things because they’re not normal. I have a flamethrower from Elon Musk’s The Boring Company. I have a gold-plated Russian AK-47 Zastava. I like collecting badass things.”

He did add that the Beretta pistol is currently his favorite firearm, though.

While Star is a gun enthusiast, he did note that he always encourages gun safety first and foremost.

“People make guns and certain things seem scary, but it’s so normal,” he said.

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Ellen Fike