Rod Miller: Leaked Minutes Of Park County GOP Men’s Club Full Gospel Gun & Glee Club, Kanye West Chapter

Columnist Rod Miller writes: "The following minutes are provided by one of my operatives, disguised as an arms dealer, who secretly and at great risk wore a wire to a recent meeting at an undisclosed location probably a garden shed behind a members moms house."

Rod Miller

April 17, 20224 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

By Rod Miller, Cowboy State Daily 

Someone needs to say it, so I will. Kanye West was a moderating influence on Park County politics. Ever since Jeen-Yus put Cody in the rear view mirror of his Bentley, politics up there have twisted sideways.

As evidence, The Park County Republican Mens’ Full Gospel Gun and Glee Club has planted its flag in the Upper West Side of the Cowboy State where it tests the bounds of rhetoric and good taste, while providing rich and fertile soil for political ridicule.

These minutes of a recent meeting of the group are disturbing to read, and the reader is cautioned. But its important for us to know what has gone on in that country since Kanye pulled up stakes, and what goes on behind those closed doors up on the North Fork.

The following is provided by one of my operatives, disguised as an arms dealer, who secretly and at great risk wore a wire to a recent meeting at an undisclosed location – probably a garden shed behind a member’s mom’s house.

Chairman: “This meeting will come to order. The chaplain will offer the invocation.:

Chaplain: “Let us bow our heads in prayer. Dear Lord, Trump won. Bigly. Trump good. Kanye good. Brandon bad. Girls bad. Blood and soil. Amen.”

Chair: “The secretary will now read minutes of the last meeting.

Secretary: “We discussed the rampant growth of pornography in Wyoming. Timmy stole his dad’s Hustler and offered it as evidence. Everyone was shocked. The meeting adjourned after every member took advantage of his opportunity to review this filth alone in the Super Secret Room.”

Chair: “Is there any old business?”

A member known as The Wordsmith: “Yeah, I have a correction to that letter I sent to the chick senator, you know…the one we all have a crush on but are scared of. In my letter I called her a %#@*, but the proper spelling is +*^#@. I should have used spellcheck. My bad.”

Chair: “Duly noted. Any new business?”

Unidentified member: “Yeah. We fired Liz Cheney, but she’s still on the job. What’s the deal, didn’t she get her termination papers?”

Parliamentarian: “We might need to send a more strenuous letter…something like ‘Liz you are STRENUOUSLY fired’. And we can warn all the socialist media that, if they mention her name, we’ll cancel our advertising. That should do the trick.”

Chair: “Do I hear a motion that the Park County Republican Mens Full Gospel Gun & Glee Club, Kanye West Chapter, continue to fire all the redcoat elites and Soros puppets in Cheyenne and D.C., and to exile all RINOs and Democrats to Colorado until we have a government that thinks just like we do?”

Moved, seconded and unanimously passed.

Chair: “Now for the Treasurer’s report…”

Treasurer: “Our liquidity position won’t let us do any of the fancy stuff we’re talking about, so we need cash. We took a bath on our bitcoin deal, and the bake sale was a bust. I’d like to suggest that, next time, we find some women to do the baking.

Groans and hisses from the members

Treasurer: “But I have a great idea for our next fundraiser! Public lynchings with an admission fee. Its a two-birds, one-stone solution. We make money and get rid of the undesirables at the same time.”

Wild applause from the membership.

The March meeting of the PCRMFGG&GC/Kanye West Chapter closed with a prayer for cheap ammo and a benediction from GOP Chairman Eathorne exhorting the boys to keep their oaths and be proud.

Kanye, come back!

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