No COVID Patients At Cheyenne Hospital, First Time In More Than A Year

The Cheyenne Regional Medical Hospital no longer has any COVID patients in its wards, something that has not been seen in more than a year.

Ellen Fike

April 12, 20222 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Cheyenne Regional Medical Hospital began the week with no COVID patients in its wards, something that has not been seen at the medical facility in more than a year.

Officials at the hospital, one of the state’s largest, announced Monday that there were no COVID-related hospitalizations at the facility. According to Wyoming Department of Health figures, this is the first time in more than a year the hospital has had absolutely no COVID patients.

Hospital spokeswoman Kathy Baker told Cowboy State Daily on Tuesday that it was nice to have reached the milestone, but added it is important to remember those who have died from the virus and their grieving family members.

“We also don’t want to forget about those who have come down with COVID-19 over the past two years and who are still suffering the after-effects,” Baker said.

“And while it’s good to be able to celebrate the milestone that we reached on Monday, we know that COVID-19 is not gone and that there are things people can do to help lessen the severity of the disease and to decrease hospitalizations and deaths if they are exposed to the virus. That is to get fully vaccinated and boosted if they are eligible,” she said.

The peak of COVID for the hospital occurred in September, when 60 patients were receiving treatment. CRMC and Casper’s Wyoming Medical Center have shared the distinction of having largest number of COVID patients since the pandemic started two years ago.

Although Wyoming is seeing low COVID numbers, other areas in the nation have not been so lucky. This week, Philadelphia implemented a new mask mandate after cases spiked by 50%. It is the first major city to reinstate mask requirements.

China is currently dealing with its biggest COVID outbreak in two years. The U.S. has ordered some of its consulate staff to leave the country due to the increase in COVID cases.

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Ellen Fike