Wrong Turn Leads To Discovery Of Missing Riverton Man In Las Vegas

A Riverton man who disappeared last week in Las Vegas after missing his flight and being hurt in a street attack has been found by an uncle who made a wrong turn.

Clair McFarland

April 08, 20223 min read

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By Clair McFarland, Cowboy State Daily 

A Riverton man who disappeared last week in Las Vegas after missing his flight and being hurt in a street attack has been found by an uncle who made a detour.  

Mikee Enos was vacationing in late March with a friend and the pair stopped at Las Vegas on the way home from San Francisco.  

Enos’ friend returned to Riverton, but Enos stayed in Las Vegas, where he was reportedly attacked on the streets Sunday morning and hospitalized briefly before vanishing for nearly a week. He lost his phone, shoes and wallet in the attack. 

Enos’ brother and other family members took turns visiting the city this week to search for him and speak with police about the man’s disappearance.   

Enos’ uncle, Brian Enos, went to Las Vegas late this week to find him. Brian Enos and his wife had planned to meet up for lunch with their nephew, the missing man’s brother. While waiting for his nephew, Brian Enos visited the police station hoping to request the report on Mikee Enos.  

“The line to get the request form was just crazy,” recalled Brian Enos, who realized he could “probably” find the form online, and got back into the car. 

Brian Enos, his wife, and other searchers in the car headed for the Las Vegas strip, but took a long way getting there. He said he’s familiar with the area and would normally take Sahara Boulevard to reach the strip, but passed it by chance. 

The family looked at the “Pawn Stars” shop of T.V. fame, ambled another two blocks south – and there was their missing person.  

“I just happened to glance to the side when I was crossing the intersection – and there he was in one of those bus shelters… sitting with his head down,” said Brian Enos.  

“I said ‘hey there he is,’ – and everybody got out, all overjoyed.’”  

Brian Enos “gunned the car,” flipped a U-turn, pulled up behind Mikee Enos, and jumped out.  

Mikee Enos told his uncle that his phone had been taken, and businesses in Las Vegas hadn’t allowed him to use their homes to call home.  

“He looked like a vagrant by then,” said Brian Enos, adding that Mikee’s feet were badly blistered from spending several days on the streets with no shoes.  

According to Stormy Friday, who shares a child with Enos, Enos was “a bit sick and just trying to recuperate,” when he was found.   

“He’s with family,” added Friday.   

Friday also said Enos has had a chance to speak with their young son.   

Although she hadn’t had a chance to speak with Enos yet, Friday was tearful with joy.   

“Me and my son are just so thankful. I’m so happy that it’s a good outcome,” said Friday. “It was so scary – but I’m glad it’s a good outcome.”   

Friday thanked the “endless” support from the community, including the Riverton Police Department, social media groups, the Missing Wyoming Facebook page, “and just random people.”   

“I’m thankful,” Friday said again. “Today is a good day.”   

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Clair McFarland

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