Car Bashes Into Cowboy State Daily Reporter’s House And Then Drives Away

Cowboy State Daily reporter Jen Kocher was working in her home office in Gillette when a driver smashed a car into her house. The driver quickly backed-up and left the scene.

Jimmy Orr

March 25, 20222 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

It was like any other day for Cowboy State Daily reporter Jen Kocher. 

The Gillette-based correspondent was working on a story in her home office on Thursday afternoon when she felt her house literally shake.

Her immediate thought was to run for cover thinking it was an earthquake, she said, but quickly gathered her thoughts when the shaking was short-lived.

Running out to the front yard, Kocher surveyed the cause of the incident.  Her garage door was completely smashed-in with tire tracks leading up to the damage on the driveway and lawn but there was nothing else.

No vehicle.  It was a hit and run.

Kocher quickly called the police while neighbors stopped by to see what had happened.

“It was a very loud crash,” Kocher said.  “It was quite annoying. I was writing a great story.”

Grateful no one was hurt inside but angered that the driver took off, Kocher asked her neighbors if anyone had security cameras.

At least one did and was able to provide footage of the incident from his Nest-Cam.

The camera captured what appears to be an older, green mid-size SUV.

The vehicle enters the screen at a high rate of speed, jumps the curb, onto the grass, and then out of sight.

Two seconds later, the vehicle backs up over the same path, drives back over the lawn, flips a u-turn and leaves the cul de sac.

The back passenger tire appears to be missing a hubcap and the back windows are tinted.

“Whoever it was is a crappy driver,” Kocher said. 

“I have full confidence in the Gillette Police Department,” she added.  “Mark my words, you can’t escape the Gillette PD. Then I’ll write a story on it.”

If anyone has any information on the hit and run, they are encouraged to call the Gillette Police Department at 307.682.5155.

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