Wright Woman Disappears, Found Two Days Later Stuck In Mud

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

A Wright woman who had been missing for two days was found Wednesday afternoon stuck in mud in a rural area ditch.

According to Cambell County Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds, the 54-year-old woman was found Wednesday lying on her side at the bottom of a large ditch near Highway 59 in rural Campbell County.

She was found by a man who was walking his dogs in the area, Reynolds told Cowboy State Daily.

“The woman was conscious, but unable to get up and said she had been in that location since the previous night,” Reynolds told.

She was mistaken, Reynolds said, and had actually been in the ditch for two nights.

The woman would not have been visible to anyone from the road, he said, and was unable to signal for help. She was lying on her left side and was unable to break free from the mud in the ditch.

“She was obviously extremely cold,” Reynolds said.

The woman had been reported missing two days prior, on Monday, by her sister, who is also her caregiver. She had been missing for about two hours before her sister called the authorities.

Once emergency personnel arrived Wednesday afternoon, they were able to extricate the woman from the mud and transport her to the local hospital.

Reynolds’ brother, Frank Reynolds, was involved in a similar situation last year, when he was forced to spend two nights surviving under an overturned four-wheeler. He survived on beer and water for around 40 hours.

“That second night you start betting against your family members, no matter how tough they are — stuck out there not knowing where they’re at,” he said, recalling the ordeal with his brother. “But thankfully it turned out alright.”

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