Daily Wyoming Gas Map: Thursday, March 17, 2022

The highest average gasoline price in Wyoming on Thursday was in Uinta County at $4.45 per gallon. The lowest was $3.60 per gallon of regular unleaded at a Cenex station located at 107-US16 East, in Buffalo.

March 18, 20222 min read

Gas Map 03 17 22

Wyoming’s average gasoline price ticked up slightly at $4.01 per gallon, which is up 2 cents per gallon over the previous 24 hours. 

The website GasBuddy.com, which tracks national gas prices, reported Wyoming’s average price for a gallon of unleaded regular gas is up 1.6 cents per gallon over one week ago, and up $1.19 per gallon from one year ago.

Wyoming’s average price for gasoline remained below the national average of $4.286 for a gallon of regular.

The average price per gallon of regular in each Wyoming county: 

Albany $3.74; Big Horn $4.01; Campbell $3.97; Carbon $4.01; Converse $4.01; Crook $4.05; Fremont $4.00; Goshen $4.01; Hot Springs $4.10; Johnson $3.99; Laramie $3.94; Lincoln $4.01; Natrona $3.87; Niobrara $4.01; Park $4.09; Platte, $4.01; Sheridan $3.88; Sublette $4.01; Sweetwater $3.99; Teton $4.31; Uinta $4.45; Washakie $4.01; and Weston $3.99. 

The lowest price per gallon, reported in major Wyoming cities:

Basin $4.13; Buffalo $3.60; Casper $3.79; Cheyenne $3.75; Cody $4.10; Douglas $3.78; Evanston $4.22; Gillette $3.82; Jackson $4.18; Kemmerer $4.09; Laramie $3.84; Lusk $3.79; New Castle $4.39; Pinedale $4.05; Rawlins $3.86; Riverton $3.98; Rock Springs $3.75; Sheridan $3.80; Sundance $3.99; Thermopolis $3.97; Wheatland $3.98; Worland $4.04.

The lowest reported average price was $3.75 in Cheyenne and Rock Springs, while the highest was in Uinta County, with $4.37 per gallon of regular gas.

Tim’s Observations: Growing up in the 1970s, I remember the long lines for gas and the “out of gas” signs at gas stations. I also recall having to get gas on odd or even-numbered days, depending on your license plate. And then the national speed limit of 55 mph. Can you imagine trying to cross Wyoming at that speed? 

Adjusted for inflation, 53 cents per gallon in 1972, is $3.80 per gallon now. Basically, it was as painful to fill up then as it is again now. 

At least supply hasn’t been an issue, as it was during that OPEC embargo. Another plus, vehicles are also more efficient now than back then so that takes the edge off sliding that debit card. 

With any luck and a little leadership, we’ll be able to get back to a realistic comfort zone at the pump.   

Note: Prices in this report are for reference only. They are gathered the evening before posting, and may not reflect prices that have changed since last posted.

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