Dennis Sun: The World Has Changed With The War In Ukraine

Dennis Sun writes: In 2020, America was the worlds largest producer of oil and natural gas condensate, with Russia as number two. But America is also the number one user of oil and natural gas in the world.

Dennis Sun

March 06, 20223 min read

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By Dennis Sun, Wyoming Livestock Roundup

In the last couple of weeks, the events of war between Russia and Ukraine have changed the world with violence we haven’t seen since 1945. This violence caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine will go down in history, yet to be defined as it hasn’t fully played out.

History repeats itself, and it certainly has in this case, in the fight over oil and the pipelines to transport it. Since 2014, every time world oil prices reached a high point, Russia has invaded or taken over a country or the strategic area of one. In essence, Russia has used profits from energy to finance their efforts to take back countries formally a part of Russia before its collapse.

While Russia is a large country with huge energy reserves and resources, under a corrupt government at the top, its economy has never been free to flourish. In comparison, the state of Texas has a larger economy than Russia, and California has an economy around twice the size of Russia. You can see why Russia needs high oil prices and a delivery system to export its oil, it is the easiest money for them to finance illegal takeovers of countries.

While some European countries have let Russia place a stranglehold on them by importing their oil and natural gas, they are now realizing their mistake as the threat of Russia is at their doorstep. Now, America needs to stop importing Russian oil. In reality, Russia is using American dollars to finance the invasion of Ukraine.

In 2020, America was the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas condensate, with Russia as number two. But America is also the number one user of oil and natural gas in the world. In the last year, U.S. oil and gas production and exploration has dropped, as the current administration has placed restrictions on development in the name of climate change as the reason.

In the last couple of weeks, our current administration has said climate change is a bigger issue to Americans than the invasion in Ukraine. This progressive stance is wrong and could hurt America for a long time. It will not be quick, but America needs to start producing oil and natural gas and mining coal to help solve the shortages in America and around the world. Having secure supplies from close allies highlights why the Keystone XL Pipeline expansion was so important.

The sanctions placed on Russia are working, but may not be enough. We have to dry up the markets for Russian energy, and we need to do it as a united country, not as one political party against another. Do we think a family huddled together in a bomb shelter in Ukraine cares about Republicans or Democrats and their differences? They just need help from America and others.

This week we are seeing a break in political bickering and Congressional members are joining together to solve the energy issues, but it needs to have leadership from the top.

Whatever happens with the Ukraine invasion, Americans and other free-world countries need to have secure energy sources. America can help, but we need leaders with realistic goals to stop Russia and keep a safe world for all people.

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